Biology Associate in Science (Associate in Science, 2020-2021)

Program Info

Year Established
Program Code
Degree Type
Associate in Science

Program Description


Prepares students to transfer to a 4-year institution to complete a bachelor's degree in the life sciences. Designed in collaboration with several university biology departments to ensure maximum transferability into the various programs they offer.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of how scientific knowledge is constructed, and how this process relies on evidence rather than opinions or beliefs.
  2. Demonstrate a basic mastery of biological content.
  3. Apply critical thinking and an understanding of biological and chemical concepts and principles in the explanation of complex processes.
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of the major themes of biology and be able to identify those themes in the analysis of scientific information.
  5. Analyze and interpret scientific information in various forms, including text, graphs, tables, and figures.
  6. Accurately convey scientific information by creating graphs using real data and relating the graphs to the original questions and hypotheses.
  7. Convey scientific explanations using proper written and verbal English.
  8. Design and carry out a scientific investigation using appropriate experimental design and methodology.
  9. Demonstrate the ability to safely and correctly use biological instrumentation and proper laboratory techniques.
  10. Demonstrate a knowledge base in chemistry.
Career Opportunities

The nature of this program is to serve as a transfer degree into a 4-year or longer degree at another college or university.

General Education

Category 3: Mathematics
Complete any one course from the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) list.
Category 4: Social Sciences
Complete any two, from different disciplines.
Category 5: Humanities and Fine Arts
Complete any two, from different disciplines.
Credit Hours

See General Education Requirements for details.

Degree-Specific Requirements

Computer Technology: Complete any one
Credit Hours

Program Requirements

Elective Hours
Minimum Total Credit Hours
Requirements are subject to change. The information represented here is effective starting Winter 2018 and applies to the current catalog year. If you were admitted prior to this year, please check your requirements under the My Progress section of HFC Self Service.