ANTH-151: Cultures of North America

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Social Sciences
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Cultures of North America
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47.00 (for 15-week classes)
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47.00 (for 15-week classes)
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ENG-131 eligible
Catalog Course Description

Introduces the diverse cultures, histories, and traditions of the indigenous peoples, nations, and civilizations of North America from their origins through the era of European colonization. Examines contemporary social, economic, and political currents as well as challenges faced by Native American communities today. The course employs an interdisciplinary approach that draws from historical archaeology, ethnography, history, studies in colonialism and material culture, literature, and film.

Goals, Topics, and Objectives

Core Course Topics
  1. Stereotypes
  2. Theories for the origins of Native Americans
  3. Prehistory
  4. History of European/Native American relations from invasion to the present
  5. Cultures and histories of some of the following culture areas: Southwest, Southeast, Northeast, Northwest, Plains, Great Basin, California, Plateau, Subarctic, or Arctic
Core Course Learning Objectives (Separated)
  1. Discuss the origins of Native Americans and the development of pre-European cultural patterns throughout North America
  2. Describe the similarities as well as the wide range of variability within native societies in North America
  3. Idenitfy the ecological diversity of the native peoples' adjustment to the wide range of resources available.
  4. Identify the general patterns of life within each of the major ecological zones
  5. Discuss the impact of European and American peoples culture systems on the native North American poeples and their culturees.
  6. Discuss the nature of Native American cultural heritage in today's world
  7. Identify and discuss the stereotypical portrayals associated with Native Americans?  Discuss why Native Americans object to these portrayals.*

Assessment and Requirements

Assessment of Academic Achievement

Assessment of academic achievement may include (but is not limited to) exams, quizzes, homework, and projects.


General Education Categories
  • Social Sciences
Institutional Outcomes
  • Civil Society and Culture - U.S. and Global
MTA Categories
  • Category 4: Social Sciences
Effective Term
Fall 2020