ART-113: Life Drawing I

Liberal Arts
Fine & Performing Arts
Art (Art History)
Academic Level
Course Subject
Course Number
Course Title
Life Drawing I
Credit Hours
Instructor Contact Hours Per Semester
92.00 (for 15-week classes)
Student Contact Hours Per Semester
92.00 (for 15-week classes)
Grading Method
Eligible to take ENG courses at HFC, ART-102 or Instructor Permission
Catalog Course Description

An introductory college level class on how to draw the human figure. Discusses proportion and anatomy through direct observation, and explores a variety of drawing media. This class meets for six (6) hours a week.

Goals, Topics, and Objectives

Core Course Topics
  1. Gesture

    Illustrate the figure in full with gestural linear analysis.

  2. Line quality

    Demonstrate forms of line variation.

  3. Measuring

    Apply correct proportions in a drawing by using measurement and sighting methods.

  4. Composition

    Apply measuring skills along with the gestural quality of the model to best compose a composition within the picture plane.

  5. Value

    Create a body of work that emphasizes the illusion of 3D form through tonal gradations in charcoal.

  6. Foreshortening

    Competently illustrate drawing the figure foreshortened in space.

  7. Anatomy

    Illustrate familiarity with the skeletal structure.

  8. Portraiture

    Illustrate an understanding of the skull and features of the human face.

  9. Vocabulary

    Define and utilize vocabulary that relates to college drawing classes and basic anatomy

  10. Visual Overview

    Discuss various artists’ figurative work and interpret techniques.

Assessment and Requirements

Assessment of Academic Achievement
  1. A pre instruction drawing will be done the first day of class to compare with drawings done at the end of the semester
  2. Class participation
  3. Class discussion and critiques
  4. Portfolio review
  5. Quizzes and/or exams as determined by the instructor that will be described in the course syllabus


Satisfies Wellness Requirement
Effective Term
Winter 2022