ENT-260: Energy Systems Management

Energy Technology
Academic Level
Course Subject
Energy Technology
Course Number
Course Title
Energy Systems Management
Credit Hours
Instructor Contact Hours Per Semester
62.00 (for 15-week classes)
Student Contact Hours Per Semester
62.00 (for 15-week classes)
Grading Method
ENT-103, ENT-104, ENT-105, ENT-108, ENT-119, or Instructor Permission
Catalog Course Description

Presents the technical, economic, and regulatory aspects of energy efficient building energy management. Explores the latest energy and cost-reduction strategies. Focuses on laboratory exercises designed to simulate residential and commercial energy systems.

Goals, Topics, and Objectives

Goal Statement

To expose the student to energy audits for residential and commercial buildings. This relates to the student being able to suggest energy-saving techniques. The student will use Microsoft PowerPoint as part of learned presentation skills.

Core Course Topics
  1. Energy codes and energy conservation.
  2. Principles of auditing buildings.
  3. Building energy auditing tools.
  4. Building structure print reading.
  5. Energy conservation management.
  6. Energy saving techniques.
  7. Energy managers financial application methods.
  8. Life cycling and return on investment.
Core Course Learning Objectives (Separated)
  1. Develop an appropriate energy management plans for residential (R), classified buildings.*
  2. Evaluate, calculate, and make recommendations for savings on electric bills.*
  3. Establish appropriate load management scenarios for selected commercial buildings, final project outcome.
  4. Demonstrate the basic sequence of operations required for energy efficient load management of buildings.
  5. Calculate a return on investment over the life cycle of the equipment.*
General Information

Level of student expectation will be indicated by meeting the requirements of the assigned projects work assignments.

Assessment and Requirements

Assessment of Academic Achievement
  1. 50% of the grade is in-class handouts and labs.
  2. 50% of the grade are two projects--writing project and communication-executive summary of the two building projects.

Approval Dates

Effective Term
Winter 2014
ILT Approval Date
Curriculum Committee Approval Date