SPN-141: Elementary Spanish Conversation

Liberal Arts
Language Studies
World Languages
Academic Level
Course Subject
Course Number
Course Title
Elementary Spanish Conversation
Credit Hours
Instructor Contact Hours Per Semester
47.00 (for 15-week classes)
Student Contact Hours Per Semester
47.00 (for 15-week classes)
Grading Method
A grade of C or better in SPN-131 or in one year of high school Spanish, or instructor permission
Catalog Course Description

Focuses on expanding students’ ability to understand and speak in Spanish. Emphasizes everyday topics of conversation, including current events. Is transferable but not a substitute for a basic language requirement. May be taken concurrently with Spanish 132, 231 or 232.

Goals, Topics, and Objectives

Goal Statement

SPN-141 is designed to strengthen students’ ability to communicate in conversational Spanish and to broaden their familiarity with the peoples and cultures of Spanish-speaking countries.

Core Course Topics
  1. Phonetics
  2. Vocabulary and idioms
  3. Register
  4. Listening comprehension
  5. Grammatical structures
  6. Culture
Core Course Learning Objectives (Separated)
  1. Demonstrate knowledge of phonetics through comprehensible pronunciation with an emphasis on accent and intonation
  2. Employ increasing vocabulary and idiom knowledge in thematic conversations (such as self, daily life, family, etc.)
  3. Distinguish between formal and informal varieties of Spanish
  4. Apply a variety of listening comprehension strategies to interpret spoken Spanish
  5. Develop and use grammatical structures (such as pronouns, subject-verb agreement, verb tense, interrogatives, etc.) that support conversational goals
  6. Develop an awareness of how linguistic and cultural differences are reflected in varieties of spoken Spanish
General Information

Note: A grade of C- is not transferable and is not accepted by some programs at HFC.

Assessment and Requirements

Assessment of Academic Achievement

Assessment of academic achievement will be identified and implemented by the class instructor. Methods will include, but not be limited to:

  • Participation
  • Homework assignments
  • Oral presentation(s)/exam(s)
  • Midterm/final exam

All sections of this level will use a textbook (and any accompanying materials) selected by the course coordinator and approved by the World Languages Committee.


General Education Categories
  • Humanities and Fine Arts
Satisfies Wellness Requirement

Approval Dates

Effective Term
Fall 2019
ILT Approval Date
AALC Approval Date
Curriculum Committee Approval Date
Review Semester
Fall 2019