TAEL-106: Electronics Theory

Business, Entrepreneurship, & Professional Development
Skilled Trade & Apprenticeship
Academic Level
Course Subject
TAE - Electrical
Course Number
Course Title
Electronics Theory
Credit Hours
Instructor Contact Hours Per Semester
62.00 (for 15-week classes)
Student Contact Hours Per Semester
62.00 (for 15-week classes)
Grading Method
TAEL-103 or TAE Apprentice Coordinator/Instructor Permission
Catalog Course Description

Stresses the fundamental theories of electronic components and elementary semi-conductor circuit applications. Covers power supplies, amplifiers, oscillators, and semi-conductor controls. Includes use of test equipment, including oscilloscopes and meters.

Goals, Topics, and Objectives

Core Course Topics
  1. Semiconductor Theory
  2. Semiconductor Diodes
  3. Power Supplies
  4. Voltage Regulators
  5. Transistors Chapter 6
  6. Transistor Amplifiers
  7. FETs and Multi-Stage Amplifiers
  8. Power Amplifiers
  9. Operational Amplifiers
  10. SCRs,TRIACs, DIACs, and UJTs
  11. Solid State Transducers
  12. Electronic Circuit Repair
  13. Electronic Circuit Repair
Core Course Learning Objectives (Separated)
  1. Describe how semiconductors function.
  2. Describe the function of semiconductor circuits including power supplies, amplifiers, oscillators, and semiconductor switching circuits.
  3. Explain the process of rectification.
  4. Draw schematics for half wave and bridge power supply circuits and then be able to construct these circuits in the laboratory.
  5. Calculate the output voltage for a half wave and bridge power supply.*
  6. Explain the process of amplification.
  7. Draw a schematic for a transistor amplifier and construct this circuit in the laboratory.*
  8. Use electronic test equipment properly in the laboratory to test electronic circuits assembled in the laboratory.*

Assessment and Requirements

Assessment of Academic Achievement

Methods for measuring achievement of objectives:

  1. Tests will be given throughout the semester.  Tests scores represent 50% of the course grade.
  2. Laboratory activities and performance exercises will be done where students will demonstrate an understanding of practical applications.  These will make up 25% of the course grade.
  3. A written final exam will be given which will represent 25% of the course grade.       

Texts, handouts, and/or workbooks will be determined by the TAE Department.


Approval Dates

Effective Term
Summer 2014
ILT Approval Date
Curriculum Committee Approval Date