WR-233: Eastern Religions

Liberal Arts
Religious Studies
Academic Level
Course Subject
World Religions
Course Number
Course Title
Eastern Religions
Credit Hours
Instructor Contact Hours Per Semester
47.00 (for 15-week classes)
Student Contact Hours Per Semester
47.00 (for 15-week classes)
Grading Method
Eligible to take ENG courses at HFC.
Catalog Course Description

Introduces the beliefs, practices, and experiences of major Eastern religions. Explores Eastern religious philosophies as a whole complex worldview, as well as investigates the unique beliefs and practices of several Eastern religions. Also exams historical roots, developmental growth as well as modern versions of major Eastern religions which enables the student to understand the perspective of Eastern religious philosophies.

Goals, Topics, and Objectives

Core Course Topics
  1. Introduction to the academic study of religion
  2. Overview of some common features of Eastern religions
  3. The worlds of Hinduism
  4. Buddhism
  5. Major Chinese traditions: Taoism and Confucianism
  6. Hinduisms
  7. Chinese religion
Core Course Learning Objectives (Separated)
  1. Describe various methodologies employed in the academic study of religion.
  2. Analyze how typical Eastern religious worldviews compare and contrast with typical Western worldviews.*
  3. Identify and discern various beliefs, practices and sociological groupings of some major Eastern religions.
  4. Analyze the development of the largest Eastern religions identifying the origins as well as main branches.
  5. Identify and analyze the most important events, personalities and places in the major religions of the East.
  6. Analyze the influence of Eastern religions on contemporary world cultures.*
  7. Demonstrate a respectful tolerance for and understanding of diverse religious and cultural perspectives.

Assessment and Requirements

Assessment of Academic Achievement

Assessment methods are left to the discretion of our departmental faculty.  Such methods could include objective style tests, essays, research papers, journals, projects, etc.

  1. Religions of Asia, Ninian Smart, Prentice Hall, 1993.
  2. The Sacred Paths of the East, Second Edition, Theodore M. Ludwig, Prentice Hall, 2001.
  3. The Hindu Religious Tradition, Thomas J. Hopkins, Wadsworth Publishing Company, 1971.
  4. Buddhism, William R. LaFleur, Prentice Hall, 1988.
  5. Japanese Religious Traditions, Michiko Yusa, Prentice Hall, 2002.
  6. Chinese Religion, Fourth Edition, Laurence G. Thompson, Wadsworth Publishing Company, 1989.


General Education Categories
  • Humanities and Fine Arts
Institutional Outcomes
  • Civil Society and Culture - U.S. and Global
  • Humanities
MTA Categories
  • Category 5: Humanities and Fine Arts
Satisfies Wellness Requirement

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Options for Credit for Prior College-Level Learning
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Determined by department

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Effective Term
Fall 2022
ILT Approval Date
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Review Semester
Fall 2022