ACT-211: Commercial Construction Systems

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Commercial Construction System

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Focuses on small and large commercial building construction systems, techniques, materials and methods, including soils, foundations, structural systems, wall/cladding assemblies, roofs, and interior building systems. The investigation of building uses and the consideration of materials, equipment, and services are integral parts of this course.

ACT 124

Credit for Prior College-Level Learning

Options for Credit for Prior College-Level Learning
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Provide, in writing, a request to the department indicating the proposed rationale for requesting credit and describing (via portfolio) the type of college level learning upon which the request is based.

  1. Completion of the final exam with a minimum score of 75%.
  2. Schedule an interview with the appropriate instructor(s) to discuss the request and exam.

Upon review of the request, portfolio, and documentation, the department will make a determination whether credit will be granted.