CIS-243: Advanced Mobile Application Development (iOS)

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Advanced Mobile App Dev (iOS)
Credit Hours
Contact Hours Per Week
3 (for 15-week classes)
CIS-141 with either CIS-130 or CIS-170, or just CIS-171 or CIS-230
Course Description

An advanced-level course expanding on mobile application development on the iOS platform. Covers data handling and connectivity to back-end services including those hosted in a cloud environment. Design approaches to efficiently reach a large segment in the mobile market will be covered.

Credit for Prior College-Level Learning

Options for Credit for Prior College-Level Learning
Portfolio Review
Portfolio Review Details

Student will present CIS Department with a portfolio of at least two years full-time mobile IOS application development industry work experience related to the course learning outcomes as well as a valid certification in Java Development as described below. The portfolio will be evaluated using a rubric.

App Development with Swift Certified User certification
Licensure/Certification Details

Student possess a recent Apple App Development with Swift Certified User certification. Credential will be reviewed by CIS Department.

Office Contact
School of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Professional Development: 313-845-9645,, Technology Bldg, Room: E-211
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