CRJ-292: Criminal Justice Internship 2

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Title when registering
Criminal Justice Internship 2
Credit Hours
Contact Hours Per Week
9 (for 15-week classes)
Successful completion of CRJ-291 and written consent of CRJ director before registration
Course Description

This is a continuation of the internship started in CRJ-291 and can only be taken as part of a year-long internship. Students will continue to gain field experience with municipal, county, state, and local criminal justice agencies and related agencies in the private sector. This includes but is not limited to: District, Circuit, and Juvenile Courts, halfway houses, detention centers, local, county and state police agencies, the FBI, U.S Marshall Service, Drug Enforcement Agency and Homeland Security. The internship is available to students in both the Probation/Corrections and Parole and the Criminal Justice programs. Students will perform all of the duties of professionals in the given area at the staff level. Students will not have arrest authority or be authorized to carry firearms but may accompany a ride along, shadow criminal justice personnel, work in crime labs, interview probation clients, and perform other administrative work. Students will receive hands on experience in their chosen field working alongside with and performing the duties of criminal justice professionals.

The internship requires a minimum of 9 hours of work each week off campus at a criminal justice site. Students are also required to meet on campus with the HFC faculty member on a weekly basis by arrangement. This class can only be taken once.

MTA Categories
  • Category 4: Social Sciences
General Education Categories
  • Social Sciences
Office Contact
School of Liberal Arts: 313-845-9624,, Liberal Arts Building, Room: K-201
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