ENT-259: Power Engineering IV - Plant/Building Operations and Maintenance

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Effective Term
Winter 2014
Title when registering
Pwr Engin IV-Plant/Bld Oper
Credit Hours
Contact Hours Per Week
2 (for 15-week classes)
Course Description

A course covering the necessary building-plant maintenance procedures and process skills, knowledge and competencies for persons seeking positions as building and plant multi-skilled facilities or power plant technicians. Electrical, mechanical equipment, and systems in building and plants are covered for management of maintenance with hands-on interfacing to plan projects and the required maintenance, upgrading, commissioning - re-commissioning, sustainability, energy management and repair, along with continuing oversight to insure safety, efficiency along with economical continuity of operation. Plant visits may be required.

Credit for Prior College-Level Learning

Options for Credit for Prior College-Level Learning
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This course is identified as a departmental course for which a learner can receive college credit for prior college-level learning and/or skills acquired outside the traditional classroom. Terms of the HFC Credit for Prior College-Level Learning Policy may be met by review of the appropriate documentation, skill, certifications, and/or knowledge acquired by the learner and submitted for evaluation by the appropriate departmental faculty. As required, one or more of the following may be considered in the evaluation process:

  1. field experience
  2. licenses held
  3. completing course exams and/or
  4. performance sequences and/or
  5. competing a portfolio.
  6. assessment of private trade school or other extensive college level industry training and learning by a departmental faculty member
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School of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Professional Development: 313-845-9645, bepdinfo@hfcc.edu, Technology Bldg, Room: E-211