MATH-153: Calculus for Business, Life Science, and Social Sciences

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Calc for Bus, Life & Soc Sci
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For students in business, life science, and the social sciences but not engineering, mathematics, or physical science majors. Introduces differential and integral calculus of algebraic, logarithmic, and exponential functions of one variable.  Covers graphical, numerical, and algebraic determination of derivatives and definite integrals, applications of the derivative including minima and maxima, and integration and its applications.  Includes applications throughout the course. Credit cannot be earned for both MATH 153 and 180. Includes the use of technology for business-related applications. Requires a graphing calculator with the TI-83/84 Plus recommended.

MATH-115 or 150 or 175 - all with a C grade or better OR a satisfactory score on the placement test
Course Satisfies MACRAO Requirements
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  • Category 3: Mathematics (College Algebra Track)
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  • Mathematics