MFMT-151: Power Engineering Stationary Steam Core Skills

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Summer 2014
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Power Engin Stat Steam Core Sk
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5 (for 15-week classes)
Course Description

Prepares a student to function effectively as an entry-level Stationary Steam Engineer or in the capacity as introductory power plant personnel. Provides basic skills, knowledge, and familiarization with power, process, and heating-cooling plants through the study of basic principles and how they apply to the various types of equipment and systems found in such plants. Emphasizes the need for a hands-on approach where possible in a workplace laboratory setting and this is provided in the cogeneration lab with appropriate activities. Covers general workplace and personal safety along with hazardous or environmental concerns. Mandatory field trips and plant visits.

Course Satisfies MACRAO Requirements

Credit for Prior College-Level Learning

Options for Credit for Prior College-Level Learning
Other Details

This course is identified as a departmental course for which a learner can receive college credit for prior college-level learning and/or skills acquired outside the traditional classroom.  Terms of the HFCC Credit for Prior College-Level Learning Policy may be met by review of the appropriate documentation, skill, certifications, and/or knowledge acquired by the learner and submitted for evaluation by the appropriate departmental faculty.  As required, one or more of the following may be considered in the evaluation process:

1. field experience,

2. licenses held,

3. completing course exams and/or.

4. completion of laboratory performance sequences or steady-state lab sessions and/or,

5. completing a portfolio, 

6. completion of an equivalent course or series of courses at other institutions.


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School of Business, Entrepreneurship & Professional Development: 313-845-9645,, Technology Bldg, Room: E-211