NSG-250: Nursing and Self Care V: Childbearing Family and Child and Family

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Effective Term
Winter 2014
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Nursing & Self-Care V: Family
Credit Hours
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12 (for 15-week classes)
Course Description

Develops competency in using the nursing process to help the child (birth through adolescence) and child-bearing family achieve self-care goals, apply scientific principles, concepts, and factors related to the child and the family as a self-care agent. Integrates current issues, trends, legal and ethical accountability, and the promotion of quality care into nursing practice. Student spends five weeks in a pediatric setting and five weeks in an obstetrical setting.

ENG-131, ENG-132; PSY-131, PSY-253; SOC-131; AH-120; BIO- 233, BIO-234; NSG-120, NSG-126, NSG-150, NSG-155, NSG-221, NSG-222.
Course Satisfies MACRAO Requirements
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School of Health & Human Services: 313-845-9877, hhsinfo@hfcc.edu, Health Careers Education Ctr, Room: G-132