HFC Faculty, Staff, and Administrators

Position Contact
Susan Bushinski, Ph.D.
A.S., University of the State of New York; B.S., University of the State of New York; M.S., Old Dominion University; Ph.D., University of Alabama Tuscaloosa*
NSGD - Clinical Lab Instructor, Nursing sbushinski@hfcc.edu
Allen Cackowski IR Business Analyst, Institutional Research, Research and Planning alc@hfcc.edu
Janice Caie-Lawrence, M.S.N.
B.S.N., Wayne State University*; M.S.N., Wayne State University*
FT Faculty - Nursing, Nursing jcaie@hfcc.edu
Lindsay Cain, B.S.
B.S., University of Michigan Ann Arbor*
Biology - Adjunct Faculty, Biology lcain3@hfcc.edu
Allison Callcut ELIN AD TG, English Language Institute acallcut@hfcc.edu
Maya Calloway Richardson, M.B.A.
M.B.A., University of Phoenix
Student Success Navigator-Advising, Academic Advising mcrichardson@hfcc.edu
Silvia Calzoni Chemistry - Adjunct Faculty, Chemistry srcalzoni@hfcc.edu
Alan Camiener, M
B.S., University of Michigan; M, Wayne State University
MATH AD TG, Mathematics amcamiener@hfcc.edu
Kathy Campbell, M.Sc.A.
B.S., Central Michigan University*; M.Sc.A., Central Michigan University*
FT Faculty - Ophthalmic Technician, Ophthalmic Technician kacampbell4@hfcc.edu
Leanne Campbell, A.G.S.
A.G.S., Henry Ford College
Academic Affairs Assistant, School of STEM, Mathematics Office lcampbell19846@hfcc.edu
Paul Campbell, A.C.
A.C., Henry Ford College
Facilities Associate, Buildings and Grounds pmcampbell1@hfcc.edu
Elizabeth Campos-Kubitski, B.G.S.
B.G.S., University of Michigan, Dearborn
HITP AD TG, Health Information Technology ecampos@hfcc.edu
Jason Canfield, M.S.
CBSAD, Eastern Michigan University*; B.B.E., Eastern Michigan University*; M.S., Eastern Michigan University*
BCAP AD TG, Computer Applications jgcanfield@hfcc.edu
David Cannon, J.D.
A.B., University of Michigan Dearborn*; MSST, United States Army War College; J.D., Wayne State University
CRJU AD TG, Criminal Justice dccannon@hfcc.edu
Russell Carlson, B.S.
A.S., Henry Ford College; B.S., University of Michigan Dearborn*
CISP AD TG, Computer Information Systems rcarlson@hfcc.edu
John Carroll, M.A.
B.A., Eastern Michigan University*; M.A., Eastern Michigan University*; M.A., Eastern Michigan University*
FT Counselor, Counseling johnc@hfcc.edu
Thomas Carson, Ph.D.
M.A., Georgetown University; Ph.D., University of Michigan
Art - Adjunct Faculty, Fine Art tecarson@hfcc.edu
Charles Carter, A.A.S.
C.A., Henry Ford College; C.A., Henry Ford College; C.A., Henry Ford College; A.A.S., Henry Ford College; A.A.S., Henry Ford College
Lab Associate II, Hospitality chcarter@hfcc.edu
Sandra Cartwright, A.A.
A.A., Schoolcraft College
Payroll Associate, Cashier slcartwright@hfcc.edu
Chan Carver, A.S.
A.S., Henry Ford College
EMTP AD CL, Emergency Medical Services dcarver@hfcc.edu
Robert Cascardo, J.D.
A.A., Henry Ford College; B.A., Wayne State University*; J.D., Detroit College of Law
Foreign Language - Adjunct Faculty, Foreign Language rcascardo@hfcc.edu
Sarah Cassette Nursing - Adjunct Clinical, Nursing scassette@hfcc.edu
Katherine Cassidy, M.S.
M.S., Wayne State University*
Biology - Adjunct Faculty, Biology kedegood@hfcc.edu
Angela Castaneda-Lopez, M
A.A., Henry Ford College; M, Madonna University
ELIN AD TG, English Language Institute atcastaneda-lopez@hfcc.edu
Sarah Castillo, M.A.
B.A., Mercyhurst University; M.A., Eastern Michigan University*
ELIN AD TG, English Language Institute sablakeslee@hfcc.edu
Nicole Castle-Kelly, M.A.
B.A., Wayne State University; M.A., Wayne State University
ENGL AD TG, English necastle@hfcc.edu
Aura Cazares, M.A.
B.S., University of Detroit Mercy*; M.A., University of Detroit Mercy*
Student Conduct/Compliance and Title IX Officer, Counseling ajcazares@hfcc.edu
Janice Cecil, M.S.N.
B.S.N., Eastern Michigan University*; M.S.N., Eastern Michigan University*
Nursing - Adjunct Clinical, Nursing jcecil@hfcc.edu
Cheryl Celeskey, B.S.
A.A., Henry Ford Community College; B.S., University of Phoenix*
AHHC AD TG, Allied Health caceleskey@hfcc.edu
Walter Cerulla Facilities Associate, Buildings and Grounds wcerulla@hfcc.edu
Becky Chadwick, M.P.A.
B.A., University of Michigan, Dearborn; M.P.A., University of Michigan
Vice President, Strategy and Information, Research and Planning bchadwick@hfcc.edu
Anne Chahine, M.A.
A.S., Henry Ford College; B.A., Spring Arbor University*; M.A., Spring Arbor University*
AHHC AD TG, Allied Health abchahine@hfcc.edu
Evan Chall, J.D.
B.S., Eastern Michigan University*; J.D., Wayne State University
POLS AD TG, Political Science emchall@hfcc.edu
Heather Champagne, M.S.
M.S., The University of Toledo
FT Faculty - Nursing, Nursing hachampagne@hfcc.edu
Subhashini Chandrasekar Biology - Adjunct Faculty, Biology schandrasekar@hfcc.edu
Jennifer Chapman, B.A.
B.A., University of Michigan
Special Assistant to VP - Info, Marketing & Effectiveness, Research and Planning jlchapman4@hfcc.edu
Michael Charette Campus Safety Associate II, Campus Safety mcharette@hfcc.edu
Patricia Chatman, Ph.D.
B.S., Oakland University*; Ph.D., Walden University
Dean, School of Business Entrepreneurship and Prof Dev, Business & Econ Office pchatman@hfcc.edu
Ashlei Chears, M.Ed.
B, Oakland University*; M.Ed., State Univ of West Georgia
Admissions Associate III, Admissions achears@hfcc.edu
Angela Cheatham Customer Service Associate, College Store, College Store acheatham2@hfcc.edu
Ahmad Chehab, J.D.
B.A., Wayne State University; M.A., Wayne State University; J.D., Wayne State University
Foreign Language - Adjunct Faculty, Foreign Language achehab20427@hfcc.edu
Leila Cherara, Ph.D.
Ph.D., University of Michigan
FT Faculty - Nursing, Nursing lcherara@hfcc.edu
LiMon Cheung, M.S.A.
M.A., University of Kansas; M.S.A., University of Michigan Dearborn*
Economics - Adjunct Faculty, Economics lhcheung@hfcc.edu
Rama Chidambaram, Ph.D.
B.S., University of Madras; M.S., Indian Institute of Technology; Ph.D., Arizona State University
FT Faculty - Math, Mathematics rchidambaram@hfcc.edu
William Childress TRDS AD TG, Trade & Apprentice Education wcchildress@hfcc.edu
Dawn Chmiel, B.S.
A.A.S., Schoolcraft College; B.S., Eastern Michigan University*
Hospitality - Adjunct Teaching, Hospitality dmchmiel@hfcc.edu
Samar Chms-Eddin FORL AD TG-SU, Foreign Language srchms-eddin@hfcc.edu
Eve Chowdhury, B.S.
A.S., Henry Ford College; B.S., University of Detroit Mercy*
CISP AD TG, Computer Information Systems ekchowdhury@hfcc.edu
Wanda Chukwu, M.S.N.
B.A., Spring Arbor University; M.A., Spring Arbor University; M.S.N., University of Phoenix
FT Faculty - Nursing, Nursing wchukwu@hfcc.edu
Richard Cieslak TAMT AD TG, Trade & Apprentice Educ Office rfcieslak@hfcc.edu