HFC Faculty, Staff, and Administrators

Position Contact
Vera Cigan Nursing - Adjunct Clinical, Nursing vcigan@hfcc.edu
Amy Clark Attorney, Legal Services, Legal Services aeclark2@hfcc.edu
Deborah Clark, A.S.
A.S., Henry Ford College
PTAP AD NT LABTC, Physical Therapist Assistant dcclark@hfcc.edu
Kimberly Clark ENGL AD TG, English ksclark2@hfcc.edu
Philip Clark TRDS AD TG, Trade & Apprentice Education pclark1@hfcc.edu
Chardin Claybourne, M.A.
B.S., Central Michigan University*; M.A., Central Michigan University*
Faculty, Learning Lab, Learning Lab cclaybourne@hfcc.edu
Jeffery Click, B.A.S.
A.S., Henry Ford College; B.A.S., Siena Heights University
FT Faculty - Hospitality, Hospitality jclick@hfcc.edu
Sherry Clippert-Devogel, M.Ed.
CERT, Eastern Michigan University*; B.S., Eastern Michigan University*; M.Ed., Wayne State University*
Advisor (Perkins), Academic Advising, Academic Advising soclippert@hfcc.edu
Adam Cloutier, Ed.D.
A.S., Delta College; B.S., Michigan State University*; M.S., Michigan State University*; Ed.D., Ferris State University
Director, Teaching & Learning Support, Library alcloutier@hfcc.edu
Betsy Cohn, M.A.
B.S., University of Michigan; M.A., University of Virginia
FT Faculty - English, English bcohn@hfcc.edu
Richard Cole, M.Ed.
M.Ed., Wayne State University*
MATH AD TG, Mathematics rcole11@hfcc.edu
Sandra Cole HPED AD TG, Health & Physical Education scole@hfcc.edu
Geoff Collins Systems Administrator, Network and Infrastructure, Data and Voice Communications gcollins@hfcc.edu
Rosalie Collins, B.A.
B.A., Alma College
MATH AD TG, Mathematics rcollins@hfcc.edu
Mietta Colson Student Success Navigator, Counseling, Counseling msanford3@hfcc.edu
Carol Colucci, M.A.
A.A., Henry Ford College; B.S., Eastern Michigan University*; M.A., Eastern Michigan University*
Speech - Teaching - AFO, Speech ccolucci@hfcc.edu
David Compton DRAF AD TG, Drafting dlcompton@hfcc.edu
Kimberly Conely, Ph.D.
M.A., Wayne State University; Ph.D., Wayne State University
Telecommunications - Teaching - AFO, Telecommunication kmconely@hfcc.edu
Evelyn Conklin, M.S.
B.S.N., University of Michigan Ann Arbor*; M.S., University of Michigan Ann Arbor*
Nursing - Adjunct Clinical, Nursing ecconklin@hfcc.edu
Pandora Conley, A.L.A.
A.L.A., Oakland Community College*
Accounting Associate, Cashier pconley1@hfcc.edu
Marrci Conner, M.S.
B.S., University of Detroit Mercy*; M.S., Walsh College
FT Faculty - CIS, Computer Information Systems mrconner2@hfcc.edu
Ashfiqua Connie, Ph.D.
M.S., The University of British Columbia; Ph.D., McGill University
ENGN FT Faculty, Engineering atconnie@hfcc.edu
Anthony Conti, M.A.
B.S., Western Michigan University; M.A., Central Michigan University*
FT Faculty - CIS, Computer Information Systems tconti@hfcc.edu
Brynn Cooksey, A.A.S.
CERT, Henry Ford College; C.A., Henry Ford College; C.A., Henry Ford College; C.A., Henry Ford College; A.A.S., Henry Ford College; A.A.S., Henry Ford College; A.A.S., Henry Ford College; A.A.S., Henry Ford College; A.A.S., Henry Ford College
ENTE AD TG, Energy Technology bcooksey22516@hfcc.edu
Matthew Cooper MATH AD TG, Mathematics mcooper1@hfcc.edu
Gail Copeland, M.P.A.
B.A., Michigan State University*; M.P.A., Wayne State University
CRJU AD TG, Criminal Justice gpcopeland@hfcc.edu
Matthew Corbitt, M.S.
A.S., Henry Ford College; B, University of Michigan Dearborn*; M.S., University of Michigan Dearborn*
Biology - Adjunct Faculty, Biology mjcorbitt@hfcc.edu
Daniel Corless ENGN AD TG, Engineering dgcorless@hfcc.edu
Walter Corley, M.A.
M.A., Antioch University
LGAL AD TG, Legal Assistant wcorley@hfcc.edu
Barb Corp, A.S.
A.S., Henry Ford College
CISP AD TG, Computer Information Systems bcorp@hfcc.edu
Scott Corp, B.A.
B.A., Madonna University
ELIN AD TG, English Language Institute sdcorp@hfcc.edu
Kimberly Corpus, Ph.D.
B.S., The University of Toledo; Ph.D., The University of Toledo
PHTP AD TG, Pharmacy Technician kcorpus@hfcc.edu
Joseph Cosenza, B.S.
A.A.S., Le Cordon Bleu; B.S., Winona State University
FT Faculty - Hospitality, Hospitality jecosenza@hfcc.edu
Brittnee Costigan Web Software Developer, Web and Applications Services, Data and Voice Communications bcostigan@hfcc.edu
Janis Cox, B.S.
B.S., Eastern Michigan University*; B.S., Boston University
LGAL AD TG, Legal Assistant jmforest@hfcc.edu
Mary Ann Cozad, M.A.
A.B., Henry Ford College; M.A., Siena Heights University
AHHC AD TG, Allied Health mcozad@hfcc.edu
Roxanne Crabill, M.A.
B.S., Ball State University; M.A., Ball State University
Astronomy - Adjunct Faculty, Astronomy rcrabill@hfcc.edu
Melissa Cragg, M.Ed.
B, Wayne State University; B.A., Wayne State University*; M.Ed., Wayne State University
MATH AD TG, Mathematics mcragg@hfcc.edu
Paul Crane Applications Systems Analyst, Web and Application Services, Data and Voice Communications pmcrane@hfcc.edu
Michael Crew TAMT AD TG, Trade & Apprentice Educ Office macrew@hfcc.edu
Mircea Croitor, A.A.S.
A.A.S., Henry Ford College
RADP AD CL, Radiography mcroitor@hfcc.edu
Joan Cullen, M.S.N.
B.S.N., Eastern Michigan University*; M.S.N., Eastern Michigan University*
Nursing - Adjunct Clinical, Nursing jicullen@hfcc.edu
Kevin Culler, M.B.A.
B.B.A., Eastern Michigan University*; M.B.A., Wayne State University
Executive Director, Financial Services & Financial Aid, Financial Aid kjculler@hfcc.edu
Valerie Cullin, M.A.
B.A., University of Detroit Mercy; M.A., University of Michigan, Dearborn
ENGL AD TG, English vjcullin@hfcc.edu
David Cunningham, Ph.D.
B.B.A., University of Michigan, Dearborn; M.P.A., University of Michigan, Dearborn; Ph.D., Wayne State University*
Director, Financial Services, Cashier dccunningham@hfcc.edu
Melanie Cunningham, M.S.
A.S., Monroe County Community College; B.S., Michigan State University; M.S., Eastern Michigan University
Biology - Adjunct Faculty, Biology mcunningham@hfcc.edu
Alex Cushnier, M.A.
B.A., Wayne State University; M.A., University of Michigan
MATH AD TG, Mathematics aacushnier@hfcc.edu
Laura Custer, Ph.D.
Ph.D., Duke University
Biology - Adjunct Faculty, Biology lmcuster@hfcc.edu
Gina D'Alessio, M.M.
B.M., Wayne State University; M.M., Wayne State University
Music - Teaching - AFO, Music gmdalessio@hfcc.edu
Michael Daher, Ph.D.
B.A., Univ Notre Dame; M.A., University of Michigan Ann Arbor*; Ph.D., Wayne State University*
FT Faculty - English, English mdaher@hfcc.edu