Children and Families: Recommended Sequence 2022-2023

Academic Year
Enrollment Status
Full Time
Fall 1
Course name Credit Hours
CHD-203: Introduction to Early Childhood Education: Birth - 8 3.00
CHD-211: Exploring Early Childhood Programs-Field Experience 1.00
ENG-131: Introduction to College Writing 3.00
Credit Hours: 14
Winter 1
Credit Hours: 16
Fall 2
Course name Credit Hours
CHD-206: Introduction to Preschool Development and Care 3.00
CHD-242: Language and Literacy Experiences for Young Children: Birth-8 3.00
EDU-295: Exceptional Children in Early Childhood 3.00
PSY-152: Child Psychology 3.00

Category 6: Natural Sciences: Complete any one from a different discipline. See General Education Requirements for details. SCI-210 is a highly recommended course.

Credit Hours: 16
Winter 2
Course name Credit Hours
CHD-231: Inquiry-Based Preschool Curriculum 3.00
CHD-232: Observation and Assessment in Early Childhood Education 3.00
CHD-233: Observation and Assessment in Early Childhood Education Practicum 1.00
CHD-234: Preschool Curriculum-Practicum 1.00
CHD-241: Developmentally-Appropriate Practices in Child Care Center Administration 3.00

Category 3: Mathematics: Complete any one from the MTA list. See General Education Requirements for details. MATH-115, MATH-131 or MATH-141 are recommended.

Credit Hours: 17
Minimum Total Credit Hours

Program Contact Information

Office Contact
School of Health and Human Services: 313-845-9877,, Health Careers Education Ctr, Room: G-132
Faculty Contact
Marlene White: 313-845-6311,, Liberal Arts Building, Room: K-301A

If you have questions about the order in which you should take these courses, or the availability of these courses, please contact your Advisor, a Counselor or the faculty contact listed above.