Medical Receptionist - Certificate of Achievement

Program Info

Year Established
Program Code
Degree Type
Certificate of Achievement
Office Contact
School of Health and Human Services: 313-845-9877,, Health Careers Education Ctr, Room: G-132
Faculty Contact
Cynthia Scheuer: 313-317-6575,, Health Careers Education Ctr, Room: G-132A

Program Description


Prepares individuals to function with supervision in a health care office providing customer service as well as patient intake and discharge services. The curriculum includes medical office procedures such as scheduling appointments, managing the telephone, filing, mail duties, preparing and maintaining patient records, basic insurance claims, word processing, basic, spreadsheet and database skills, as well as medical office policies such as privacy requirements.

This program may be completed in one semester or it may be used as a stepping stone for the Medical Insurance Specialist certificate followed by the Associate in Business degree in Medical Practice/Facility Business Management. The students may elect to stop out at the end of any one of the three stages depending upon their career and educational objectives.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  1. Communicate effectively using verbal, non-verbal, and written communication as it relates to various health care providers and related businesses.
  2. Perform administrative front office skills within the scope of practice as it relates to an ambulatory care setting.
Career Opportunities

The employment outlook for the Medical Receptionist is good, but very competitive especially for entry-level positions. Information about career placement is available through the College Placement Office which also assists students in finding employment.

Many health care employers are now requiring criminal background checks and drug screens of their new applicants.

Program Completion Limits

HFC continuously attempts to improve each program, and as a result courses and requirements may be modified. Curriculum, course content and admission criteria are subject to change by action of the College faculty and administration.

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements and Eligibility

All students seeking admission into the Medical Receptionist Certificate Program must schedule an appointment with the Health Careers Student Success Navigator. Admission to the program is based upon satisfying the following admission requirements:

  • A minimum high school grade-point-average of C+ (2.5) or a minimum average score of 55 on the GED test, or a minimum college grade-point-average of C (2.25) for both transfer students and Henry Ford College students.
  • Typing test at 45 words/min or better.

Once these requirements have been met, the student will be given a granted petition to register for classes from the program director. Once a class roster has been filled for a particular class, the student may place themselves on the course waitlist for the next possible seat.

Medical Receptionist program course waitlists are not carried over from semester to semester. The student will be required to meet with a health careers advisor to make sure they are placed in the proper class.

Criminal Background Check and Drug Screen

Consistent with Michigan Public Health Code and the requirements of our clinical affiliates, a Criminal Background Check and a Drug Screen clearance (on the first test) is required for all students in the medical assistant program prior to beginning their clinical assignments. The cost for the Health Appraisal, Drug Screen, Immunizations and background check are in addition to the cost of basic tuition and fee schedule.

Additional Program Requirements

The Medical Receptionist program may be completed in two semesters following a full-time schedule once the program admission requirements have been met, or the program may be extended and completed on a part-time basis. In either case, careful scheduling is required. Students are strongly encouraged to consult the Health Careers Student Success Navigator in planning their class schedules.

Program Requirements

Minimum Total Credit Hours
Requirements are subject to change. The information represented here is effective starting Fall 2022 and applies to the current catalog year. If you were admitted prior to this year, please check your requirements under the My Progress section of HFC Self Service.