Paralegal Studies: Certificate of Achievement

Program Info

Effective Term
Fall 2019
Year Established
Program Code
Degree Type
Certificate of Achievement
Office Contact
School of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Professional Development: 313-845-9645,, Technology Bldg, Room: E-211
Faculty Contact
Rachelle Loomus: 313-317-4158,, Liberal Arts Building, Room: K-331

Program Description


Provides students who have earned an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree with a solid foundation of core legal knowledge and essential skills necessary for a career in the legal profession. A paralegal is employed by a law office, business, or government agency and performs specifically delegated substantive legal work for which a lawyer is responsible. Paralegals are not lawyers and are not permitted to provide legal services directly to the public except as permitted by law. Paralegals must work under the supervision of an attorney.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  1. Prepare legal documents using proper legal reasoning and analysis of issues, facts, and law.
  2. Use critical thinking skills and legal research skills to solve legal problems and make well-reasoned legal and ethical decisions.
  3. Articulate the structure of the legal system and the paralegal’s duties and responsibilities for the delivery of legal services within that system.
  4. Critically analyze and resolve legal problems; and communicate these results in a clear and effective manner, both orally and in writing.
  5. Demonstrate the computer, time-management, organizational, and communication skills necessary to work professionally and efficiently in a legal environment.
Career Opportunities

Employment in a law office, in government, or in the private sector.

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements and Eligibility

Students must have already successfully completed an A.A., A.B., A.S., or Bachelor’s degree, from a regionally accredited institution. A four-year degree is highly recommended. Students following this curriculum must have proof of their A.A., A.B., A.S., or Bachelor's degree on file and entered on their official Henry Ford College transcript before beginning this curriculum.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

This program is designed to be completed in 32 weeks.

This program will cost $5,158 if completed within normal time. There may be additional costs for living expenses. These costs were accurate at the time of posting, but may have changed.

Of the students who completed this program within normal time, the typical debt upon graduation is not available.

The State of Michigan does not have licensure requirements for this profession.

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