Transfer Credits to HFC

Transfer credit must be from a regionally accredited college or university. The course must be considered college level (generally 100 level or higher) and only grades of 2.0 (“C”) or higher are transferable.

Review course equivalencies from a college or university to Henry Ford College (HFC) by selecting a school from the Transfer College/University list and clicking the “Show courses” button.

The Transfer College/University courses will appear on the left and the equivalent HFC course will appear on the right. Some course equivalencies may require multiple courses in order to be equivalent to an HFC course. This list is updated frequently, as courses are evaluated. If a college, university and/or course is not listed, it may not have been evaluated yet. Course information for evaluation (course description and syllabus) may be sent to the Office of Records and Registration at

For more information about transfers to or from Henry Ford College, visit our HFC Transfer Resources Page.

Updates to this list occur frequently. If you do not find your course or college, you may still be able to transfer courses to HFC. Please contact the Office of Records and Registration at