BCA-145: Spreadsheets

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Business Computer Applications
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47.00 (for 15-week classes)
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47.00 (for 15-week classes)
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CIS-100 with a C grade or better AND Eligible to take ENG courses at HFC
Catalog Course Description

Covers the essential features of Microsoft Excel and spreadsheets to prepare and format worksheets. Examines how to insert formulas and functions, create charts and diagrams, insert graphical elements, create and modify tables, perform advanced formatting and functions, track changes, protect and share worksheets, import and export data, and interpret and integrate data.

Goals, Topics, and Objectives

Core Course Topics
  1. Worksheet Preparation.

    a. Create, open, save, and edit worksheets.
    b. Use the auto sum feature.
    c. Use the fill handle to copy formulas.
    d. Select cells. e. Apply basic formatting.
    f. Use the help feature.

  2. Formulas.

    a. Develop formulas with mathematical operators.
    b. Insert formulas using functions.
    c. Use relative, absolute, and mixed cell references.

  3. Formatting.

    a. Change column width and row height.
    b. Merge and split cells.
    c. Insert and delete cells, rows, and columns.
    d. Apply a theme.
    e. Format numbers.
    f. Use the format painter.
    g. Hide and unhide columns and/or rows.

  4. Enhancements.

    a. Insert headers and footers.
    b. Customize a print job.
    c. Use spell check.
    d. Use find and replace.
    e. Sort and filter data.

  5. Data Manipulation.

    a. Cut, copy, and paste cell content.
    b. Manage worksheets.
    c. Manage windows.
    d. Move data.

  6. Workbook Maintenance.

    a. Manage worksheets and windows.
    b. Create, rename, copy, and delete a folder.
    c. Copy a worksheet to another workbook.
    d. Define, apply, copy, and remove a style.
    e. Insert and use a hyperlink.

  7. Charts.

    a. Create, edit, and print a chart.
    b. Change the formatting and layout.

  8. Worksheet Customization.

    a. Insert symbols.
    b. Insert, format, size, and move an image.
    c. Draw and format a text box.
    d. Insert SmartArt.
    e. Create and modify WordArt.

  9. Advanced Formatting.

    a. Create, edit, and delete conditional formatting.
    b. Use special number formatting.
    c. Create a custom number format.

  10. Advanced Functions.

    a. Name ranges.
    b.Use statistical, math, lookup, financial, and logical functions.

  11. Tables and Data.

    a. Create and modify tables.
    b. Sort and filter tables.
    c. Use data tools.
    d. Group and ungroup data.

  12. Data Summarization.

    a. Summarize data in multiple worksheets.
    b. Use the consolidate feature.
    c. Create a PivotTable and PivotChart.
    d. Use sparklines.

  13. Data Analysis.

    a. Use the paste special feature.
    b. Apply, edit, delete, and compile a scenario.*
    c. Perform what-if analyses.
    d. Use auditing tools.

  14. Worksheet Protection and Sharing.

    a. Manage comments.
    b. Share a workbook.
    c. Protect and unprotect worksheets.
    d. Protect and unprotect the structure of a worksheet.
    e. rack changes.

  15. Macros and Customization.

    a. Save, run, edit, and manage macros.*
    b. Customize the Quick Access toolbar.
    c. Print workbooks to the recent list.
    d. Create, save, and use custom templates.

  16. Data Distribution.

    a. Import and export data.
    b. Prepare a workbook for distribution.
    c. Publish a workbook in PDF, XPS, or HTML format.

Assessment and Requirements

Assessment of Academic Achievement

Students will be assessed through tests, quizzes, homework, and/or class participation.


Satisfies Wellness Requirement

Credit for Prior College-Level Learning

Options for Credit for Prior College-Level Learning
Other Exam
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Certification in Excel
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Microsoft Office Specialist in Excel

Approval Dates

Effective Term
Winter 2022
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