ELEC-115: Digital Circuits 1

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Digital Circuits 1
Credit Hours
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4 (for 15-week classes)
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Introduces digital concepts including binary, hexadecimal, and BCD number systems; transistor transistor logic (TTL) and Complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) integrated circuit logic gate technology, Boolean algebra, logic tables, combinational logic, monostable and bistable multivibrators, storage registers and asynchronous counters. Included are Source and Sink output discussions to prepare students for the programmable logic controller (PLC) classes. Extensive discussion about number systems and registers to prepare students for the programmable logic controller (PLC) classes. The use of digital electronic simulation software. Extensive laboratory activities.

Credit for Prior College-Level Learning

Options for Credit for Prior College-Level Learning
Minimum Departmental Exam Score
80% written 95% lab exam
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The credit for prior learning exam includes a written portion and a lab portion.

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School of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Professional Development: 313-845-9645, bepdinfo@hfcc.edu, Technology Bldg, Room: E-211
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