SCI-160: Science Laboratory Workplace Skills

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Fall 2019
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Science Lab Workplace Skills
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3 (for 15-week classes)
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Helps students gain skills required of laboratory science professionals in the workplace. Course topics include standard laboratory procedures and calculations, laboratory safety, communication skills, professional behavior and employment skills, laboratory record-keeping, quality control/quality assurance, regulatory issues, specimen handling and storage, and critical thinking and problem solving in the laboratory. It will also introduce students to the research and manufacturing facets of the laboratory science industry. This course is designed to satisfy the requirements of the Biotechnology Program. Three hours of integrated lecture and laboratory per week.

Completion of a college-level science course with a lab with a grade of C or better, & completion of MATH-0894 OR MATH-080 OR MATH-089 (or higher) with a grade of C or better OR equivalent score on the math placement test.
MTA Categories
  • Category 6.1: Natural Sciences
  • Category 6.2: Natural Sciences with Laboratory Experience
General Education Categories
  • Natural Sciences
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School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM): 313-845-9632,, Health Careers Education Ctr, Room: G-122