Medical Practice - Clinical Management: Recommended Sequence 2022-2023

Academic Year
Enrollment Status
Full Time
Summer 1
Course Name Credit Hours
AH-100: Medical Terminology 4.00

Mathematics: Complete MATH-100: Basic Technical Mathematics or higher

Credit Hours: 8
Winter 1
Summer 2
Course Name Credit Hours
MOA-190: Medical Office Externship 4.00
Credit Hours: 4

Program Contact Information

Office Contact
School of Health and Human Services: 313-845-9877,, Health Careers Education Ctr, Room: G-132
Faculty Contact
Cynthia Scheuer: 313-317-6575,, Health Careers Education Ctr, Room: G-132A

If you have questions about the order in which you should take these courses, or the availability of these courses, please contact your advisor or the faculty contact listed above.