BIO-152: Cell and Molecular Biology (2020-2021)

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Cell and Molecular Biology
Credit Hours
Contact Hours Per Week
6 (for 15-week classes)
Course Description

A one-term course that, with BIOLOGY 150, collectively forms the majors-level introductory biology course unit designed to meet the needs of students transferring to a four-year institution with a major in biology, including pre-pharmacy, pre-medical, and pre-dental programs. Course focuses on the diversity and unity of living organisms from the perspective of molecular and cell biology, including scientific inquiry, biological chemistry, cell structure and physiology, energy transformations, genes and gene expression, and biotechnology. Laboratory experiments enhance student understanding of course topics. Three hours of lecture and three hours of lab per week.

ENG-131 eligible and college preparatory biology with a grade of B or better, or BIO-131 or BIO-150 with a C or better and CHEM-131 or CHEM-141 with a grade of C or better (CHEM-141 recommended for biology majors).
MTA Categories
  • Category 6.1: Natural Sciences
  • Category 6.2: Natural Sciences with Laboratory Experience
General Education Categories
  • Natural Sciences
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