CHD-231: Inquiry-Based Preschool Curriculum (2020-2021)

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Inquiry Based Preschool Curric
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3 (for 15-week classes)
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Designed for present and future teachers, caregivers, home visitors, administrators, and the general public who participate in decisions relating to early childhood curriculum. This course examines inquiry-based learning and how it relates to a child-centered, integrated preschool curriculum. In this course, students will better understand the importance of inquiry based curriculum in the preschool setting through hands-on experiences in an early childhood classroom, web -theme based lesson planning, and through the demonstration of inquiry based lessons. This course integrates the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) Early Childhood Standards of Quality and the National Association for the Education of Young Children's (NAEYC) position statements and guidelines for instruction into class discussions to help students gain insight into the best practices with young children. This class can be used to satisfy part of the 120 clock hours of instruction required by the CDA Council.

ENG-131, CHD-203, and CHD-211 with a grade of C or better
CHD 206 and CHD-234; Note: CHD-231 and CHD-234 may not be taken in the same semester as CHD-205 and CHD-215
Requirements are subject to change. The information represented here is effective starting Fall 2020 and applies to the current catalog year. If you were admitted prior to this year, please check your requirements under the My Progress section of HFC Self Service.