CHEM-244: Microscale Organic Chemistry Laboratory II (2020-2021)

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MicroscaleOrganic Chem Lab II
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4 (for 15-week classes)
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Microscale glassware and analytical techniques are used in this follow-up course to CHEM-243. The primary focus of this course is multi-step organic syntheses and proper research techniques. Practical techniques from the previous course will be applied towards the synthesis of a novel polyaromatic hexaphenylbenzene, an antibacterial drug sufanilamide, triphenylmethanol, and cholesta-3,5-dien-3-ol acetate. Products will be analyzed (melting point/boiling point, infrared analysis, chromatographic properties (TLC, GC), solubility, refractive index) and compared to literature values to verify their veracity. Research will involve a critical analysis of competitive synthetic methods of a recent pharmaceutical agent. The sequence CHEM-241, CHEM-242 (Lecture I and II) and CHEM-243, CHEM-244 (Laboratory I and II) will transfer to all Michigan universities to meet their Organic Chemistry requirements for Science Majors. Approximately one hour of lecture and three hours of lab per week.

CHEM-243 and CHEM-242, with a grade of C or better
CHEM-242 can be a co-requisite with Instructor Permission
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  • Category 6.1: Natural Sciences
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  • Natural Sciences
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