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Social Science, Arts, and Fitness Division: 313-845-9625, socialscience@hfcc.edu, Fine Arts Bldg, Room: F-140
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Pamela Sayre: 313-845-6396, psayre@hfcc.edu, Liberal Arts Building, Room: K-103

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History is what happened, what historical writings and people represent to have happened, and the application of this knowledge to us and to our time. In addition to adding zest to life, history courses meet graduation requirements. HIST 151 and HIST 152 fulfill the Civil Society and Culture General Education Outcome. History offerings cover the fields of world civilization; American history; and specialized topics such as African-American, Middle Eastern, and military history. In addition, the History Department has recently added several online courses, including the American Revolution, the American Civil War, the Cold War and the Vietnam War.

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