Graphic Design: Animation Certificate of Achievement (Certificate of Achievement, 2020-2021)

Program Info

Year Established
Program Code
Degree Type
Certificate of Achievement

Program Description


Offers experience developing skills and knowledge in the area of animation. Animators are artists who create the magic of motion. With animation commonplace on television, movies, gaming and the web, there is a demand for artists with the skill and know-how to produce creative animation. Computer and drawing skills are very important in this field.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  1. Sketch and refine preliminary concepts for traditional and digital animation as well as conceptual ideation.
  2. Illustrate fundamentals of design through the development of animated applications.
  3. Apply color theory to the creation of digital and traditional design solutions, including color correction and developing intended emotive reactions.
  4. Utilize current animation terminology as a basis for discussing and evaluating animated works, both student and professional.
  5. Construct vector and raster files for use in motion and digital outcomes.
  6. Develop digital work environments and appropriated file formats for saving work as well as for distribution of final output, prepare for print or file transfer.
  7. Utilize current industry software and equipment.
  8. Develop and present a portfolio of projects for use in seeking an entry-level position or transfer to a four-year degree program. Participate in graduating student gallery show.
Career Opportunities

Story Board Artist
Effects Animator
Visual Development Artist
Flash Animator
Story Board Assistant

Admission Requirements

Additional Program Requirements

All graduating students must participate in a graduating exhibition.

Program Requirements

Minimum Total Credit Hours
Requirements are subject to change. The information represented here is effective starting Fall 2018 and applies to the current catalog year. If you were admitted prior to this year, please check your requirements under the My Progress section of HFC Self Service.