General Education Categories

The following are General Education categories for Henry Ford College degrees, not all categories are required for every degree. Many programs have required courses that fulfill these categories. However, some programs give students the choice to select courses from the below categories. Students should check their program of study prior to selecting any classes, and are encouraged to work with HFC's Academic Advisors or Counselors to craft an educational plan.

Category One: 1 course in English Composition

Category Two: 1 course in English Composition or Communications

Category Three: 1 course in Mathematics

Please note that one course is chosen from the following Mathematics list and groupings, including the College Algebra, Quantitative Literacy, and Statistics Tracks. One course from any of these areas will fulfill HFC's General Education Requirements. Choose 1 course from the following:

Category Four: 2 courses in Social Sciences

Choose 2 courses on Social Sciences from 2 different disciplines (subjects):
Course Applies to MTA Credit Hours
ANTH-131: Introduction to Anthropology Yes 3
ANTH-151: Cultures of North America Yes 3
ANTH-152: Middle Eastern Peoples and Cultures Yes 3
ANTH-153: Introduction to Archaeology Yes 3
ANTH-154: Food, Culture, and Economy Yes 3
ASL-130: Deaf Culture and the Deaf Community No 3
BEC-151: Principles of Macroeconomics Yes 3
BEC-152: Principles of Microeconomics Yes 3
CRJ-126: Introduction to Homeland Security Yes 3
CRJ-131: Introduction to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Yes 3
CRJ-132: Police Administration – Staff and Line Operations Yes 3
CRJ-134: Criminal Investigation Yes 3
CRJ-135: Juvenile Justice Yes 3
CRJ-136: Introduction to Corrections Yes 3
CRJ-138: Probation and Parole Yes 3
CRJ-140: Identity Theft: Prevention and Awareness Yes 3
CRJ-234: Criminalistics: Criminal Investigation Laboratory Techniques Yes 3
CRJ-251: Criminal Law Yes 4
CRJ-252: Criminal Procedure Yes 4
CRJ-285: Topics in Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Yes 3
EDU-256: Educational Psychology Yes 3
EDU-260: History in Elementary Schools Yes 3
EDU-296: Exceptional Child Yes 3
GEOG-131: Environmental Geography Yes 4
GEOG-132: World Regional Geography Yes 3
GEOG-138: Geography of Michigan Yes 3
GEOG-221: Geography of the Middle East Yes 3
HIST-111: Ancient World History Yes 3
HIST-112: Medieval-Early Modern World History Yes 3
HIST-113: Modern World History Yes 3
HIST-151: Early American History Yes 3
HIST-152: Modern American History Yes 3
HIST-254: History of Michigan Yes 3
HIST-258: The Revolutionary War Era Yes 3
HIST-261: The Modern Middle East Yes 3
HIST-270: The American Civil War Yes 3
HIST-285: The United States and the Second World War Yes 3
HIST-286: The United States and the Vietnam War Yes 3
POLS-101: American Government: Democratic Participation and Civic Engagement Yes 4
POLS-131: Introduction to American Government and Political Science Yes 3
POLS-135: American Legal Systems and Processes Yes 3
POLS-150: Leadership, Organizing and Public Service Yes 3
POLS-152: International Relations Yes 3
POLS-155: State and Local Government Yes 3
POLS-200: Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies Yes 3
POLS-201: Public Policy: Topics and Analysis Yes 3
POLS-202: Foreign Policy: Topics and Analysis Yes 3
PSY-131: Introductory Psychology Yes 3
PSY-152: Child Psychology Yes 3
PSY-161: Human Sexuality Yes 3
PSY-251: Abnormal Psychology Yes 3
PSY-253: Lifespan Development Yes 3
PSY-254: Social Psychology Yes 3
PSY-257: Health Psychology Yes 3
PSY-260: Adolescent Psychology Yes 3
SOC-131: Introduction to Sociology Yes 3
SOC-132: Marriage and the Family Yes 3
SOC-151: Contemporary Social Problems Yes 3
SOC-152: Women, Men, and Society Yes 3
SOC-212: Leadership in Diverse Communities and Organizations Yes 3
SOC-251: Ethnic and Racial Diversity in Society Yes 3
SOC-253: Sociology of Deviance Yes 3
SOC-254: Social Psychology Yes 3
SPN-130: Introduction to Hispanic Cultures No 3
WR-130: Introduction to the Academic Study of Religion Yes 3

Category Five: 2 courses in Humanities and Fine Arts

Choose 2 courses in Humanities and Fine Arts from 2 different disciplines (subjects), excluding studio and performance courses:
Course Applies to MTA Credit Hours
ARA-130: Pre-Elementary Arabic No 3
ARA-131: Elementary Arabic I Yes 4
ARA-132: Elementary Arabic II Yes 4
ARA-141: Elementary Arabic Conversation No 3
ARA-231: Intermediate Arabic I Yes 4
ARA-232: Intermediate Arabic II Yes 4
ART-107: Photoshop Yes 3
ART-119: Art Education for the Elementary Teacher Yes 3
ART-121: Art History Survey I (Pre-historic to Medieval) Yes 3
ART-122: Art History Survey II Yes 3
ART-123: History of Modern Art Yes 3
ART-130: History of Graphic Design Yes 3
ART-135: Art Appreciation Yes 3
ART-221: Medieval Art Yes 3
ART-224: Art of Islam Yes 3
ART-225: Asian Art: Art of India and Southeast Asia Yes 3
ART-226: African and Afro American Art Yes 3
ART-227: History of Arab Art and Architecture Yes 3
ART-229: Survey of Contemporary Art Yes 3
ART-290: Study Abroad in Art History Yes 3
ASL-131: Elementary American Sign Language I Yes 4
ASL-132: Elementary American Sign Language II Yes 4
ASL-135: Fingerspelling and Numbering Yes 2
ASL-231: Intermediate American Sign Language I Yes 4
ASL-232: Intermediate American Sign Language II Yes 4
EDU-250: Humanities and Performing Arts for Educators Yes 3
ENG-139: Creative Writing Yes 3
ENG-231: Introduction to Literature: Poetry and Drama Yes 3
ENG-232: Introduction to the Short Story Yes 3
ENG-233: Introduction to the Novel Yes 3
ENG-234: Topics in Literature Yes 3
ENG-235: American Literature Before 1900 Yes 3
ENG-236: American Autobiography Yes 3
ENG-237: American Literature Since 1900 Yes 3
ENG-241: Shakespeare Yes 3
ENG-243: Women's Literature Yes 3
ENG-245: The Bible as Literature Yes 3
ENG-246: Introduction to Children's Literature Yes 3
ENG-248: African American Literature Yes 3
FRE-131: Elementary French I Yes 4
FRE-132: Elementary French II Yes 4
FRE-231: Intermediate French I Yes 4
FRE-232: Intermediate French II Yes 4
GER-131: Elementary German I Yes 4
GER-132: Elementary German II Yes 4
GER-231: Intermediate German I Yes 4
GER-232: Intermediate German II Yes 4
HIST-111: Ancient World History Yes 3
HIST-112: Medieval-Early Modern World History Yes 3
HIST-113: Modern World History Yes 3
HIST-151: Early American History Yes 3
HIST-152: Modern American History Yes 3
HIST-254: History of Michigan Yes 3
HIST-258: The Revolutionary War Era Yes 3
HIST-261: The Modern Middle East Yes 3
HIST-270: The American Civil War Yes 3
HIST-285: The United States and the Second World War Yes 3
HIST-286: The United States and the Vietnam War Yes 3
HON-251: Great Works Yes 3
HUM-101: Introduction to the Humanities Yes 3
HUM-105: World Civilization I Yes 3
HUM-204: Introduction to American Cultural Studies Yes 3
HUM-251H: Great Works Yes 3
INTR-180: Design and User Needs Yes 3
INTR-181: Principles of Design Yes 3
INTR-182: Interior Design Materials and Components Yes 3
INTR-280: History of Design - Antiquities to Present Yes 3
INTR-283: Lighting and Environmental Systems for Interiors Yes 3
ITAL-131: Elementary Italian I Yes 4
ITAL-132: Elementary Italian II Yes 4
JOUR-131: News Writing Yes 3
MUS-130: Music Appreciation Yes 3
MUS-132: Music Literature Yes 3
MUS-133: History of Rock and Roll Yes 3
MUS-134: Music Fundamentals Yes 3
MUS-138: Music Theory 1 Yes 3
MUS-139: Music Theory 2 Yes 3
MUS-141: Aural Music Skills 1 Yes 2
MUS-142: Aural Music Skills 2 Yes 2
MUS-154: Arab Music Appreciation Yes 3
MUS-232: History of Western Music 1 Yes 3
MUS-233: History of Western Music 2 Yes 3
MUS-238: Music Theory 3 Yes 3
PHIL-130: Introduction to Philosophy Yes 3
PHIL-131: Introduction to Logic Yes 3
PHIL-133: History of Philosophy to the 18th Century Yes 3
PHIL-135: History of Modern Philosophy Yes 3
PHIL-137: Topics in Philosophy Yes 3
PHIL-138: Moral Issues in Biotechnology Yes 3
PHIL-139: Ethics Yes 3
PHIL-201: Eastern Philosophy Yes 3
SPC-131: Fundamentals of Speaking Yes 3
SPN-131: Elementary Spanish I Yes 4
SPN-132: Elementary Spanish II Yes 4
SPN-141: Elementary Spanish Conversation No 3
SPN-231: Intermediate Spanish I Yes 4
SPN-232: Intermediate Spanish II Yes 4
SPN-290: Study Abroad in Spanish Language and Hispanic Culture No 3
TCM-131: Introduction to Telecommunication Yes 3
TCM-132: Film History and Criticism Yes 3
TCM-241: Media Writing Yes 3
THEA-131: Theatre Appreciation Yes 3
THEA-135: Introduction to Stage Makeup Yes 3
THEA-138: Stage Costuming Yes 3
THEA-238: Theatre History Yes 3
WR-130: Introduction to the Academic Study of Religion Yes 3
WR-131: Religious Traditions in the World Yes 3
WR-232: Western Religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam Yes 3
WR-233: Eastern Religions Yes 3
WR-235: Christianity - The First 1000 Years Yes 3
WR-236: African American Religious Experience and Expression Yes 3
WR-240: Myths and Symbols: Deciphering the Messages of Sacred Traditions Yes 3
WR-241: Islam Yes 3
WR-280: Topics in Religious Studies Yes 3

Category Six: 2 courses in Natural Sciences

Complete 2 courses in Natural Sciences, including one with laboratory experience, from 2 different disciplines (subjects). See additional notes below for exceptions. Choose 2 courses from the following:
Course Applies to MTA Credit Hours
ASTR-131: Descriptive Astronomy Lecture Only 3
ASTR-133: Introductory Astronomy Laboratory Lab Only 1
ATMS-131: Weather and Climate Lecture Only 3
BIO-130: Evolution and Behavior Lecture Only 4
BIO-131: Introduction to Biology Yes 4
BIO-134: Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology Yes 5
BIO-135: Microbiology for the Allied Health Sciences Yes 4
BIO-138: Environmental Science Lecture Lecture Only 3
BIO-139: Environmental Science Laboratory Lab Only 2
BIO-143: Zoology Yes 4
BIO-150: Biology: Organisms, Genes, and Ecology Yes 4
BIO-152: Cell and Molecular Biology Yes 4
BIO-233: Anatomy and Physiology I Yes 4
BIO-234: Anatomy and Physiology II Yes 4
BIO-251: Microbiology Yes 5
BIO-261: Nucleic Acids Yes 5
BIO-262: Proteins Yes 5
BIO-263: Biotechnology Internship Lecture Only 1
CHEM-111: Chemical Skills for Pre-Professional Programs Yes 4
CHEM-131: Principles of Chemistry Yes 4
CHEM-132: Principles of Organic and Biological Chemistry Yes 4
CHEM-141: Principles of General and Inorganic Chemistry I Yes 5
CHEM-142: Principles of General and Inorganic Chemistry II Yes 5
CHEM-151: Chemical Instrumentation and Laboratory Techniques Yes 3
CHEM-241: Organic Chemistry I Lecture Only 4
CHEM-242: Organic Chemistry II Lecture Only 4
CHEM-243: Microscale Organic Chemistry Laboratory I Lecture Only 2
CHEM-244: Microscale Organic Chemistry Laboratory II Lecture Only 2
ENGR-101: Introduction to Engineering Design (IED) Lecture Only 3
ENGR-102: Principles of Engineering (POE) Lecture Only 3
ENGR-130: Introduction to Engineering Lecture Only 3
ENGR-201: Science of Materials Lecture Only 3
ENGR-232: Statics Lecture Only 3
ENGR-233: Dynamics Lecture Only 3
GEOL-131: Physical Geology Yes 4
PHYS-120: Technical Physics I Yes 4
PHYS-121: Technical Physics II Yes 4
PHYS-131: General Physics I Yes 4
PHYS-132: General Physics II Yes 4
PHYS-133: Principles of Physics Yes 4
PHYS-231: Engineering Physics I Yes 5
PHYS-232: Engineering Physics II Yes 5
PSCI-131: Introduction to Physical Science Yes 4
PSCI-135: Sound & Light in Fine-Arts Yes 4
SCI-160: Science Laboratory Workplace Skills Yes 3
SCI-210: Introduction to Science for Elementary Educators Yes 4
SCI-212: Earth Science for Educators Yes 4
SCI-213: Learning by Inquiry: Life Science Yes 4
SCI-292: Study Abroad in Natural Sciences No 1
TAFD-130: Industrial Application of Physical Science No 3

Category Seven: General Education

Some programs require additional general education credits, such as "Complete additional courses from the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) list, if needed, to reach 30 total credits." These courses are representative from course options listed in category 1 through category 6. Students should work with an Academic Advisor before selecting additional general education or MTA courses.

Computer Technology

Students will demonstrate skills for computer technology, including Internet, network and advanced file operations. Skills will include organizing, managing, and presenting data using office productivity software. Students will also identify security and integrity threats and identify unethical actions within their social or professional environments. HFC courses that fulfill this requirement: