HFC Catalog Courses (2020-2021)

Title Credit Hours
ACT-101: Fundamentals of Architecture 4
ACT-104: Community Construction Applications 4
ACT-108: Deconstruction 3
ACT-109: Residential Energy Efficiency and Sustainability 4
ACT-112: Computers in Architecture 1
ACT-116: Basic Architectural CAD 4
ACT-124: Construction Systems 1 4
ACT-128: Visual Communications 1 4
ACT-136: Intermediate Architectural CAD 4
ACT-150: Residential Detailing 3
ACT-175: Environmental Building Systems 4
ACT-190: Co-op in Architecture Construction Technology 1
ACT-205: Advanced Architectural CAD 4
ACT-211: Commercial Construction Systems 3
ACT-222: Sustainable Residential Design 4
ACT-224: Construction Systems 2 4
ACT-228: Visual Communications 2 4
ACT-233: Commercial Detailing 3
ACT-246: Construction Estimating 4
ACT-260: Commercial Design Development 3
ACT-290: Co-op in Architecture Construction Technology 2
ACT-297: Special Topics in Architecture/Construction 1
ACT-298: Special Topics in Architecture/Construction 2
AH-100: Medical Terminology 4
AH-105: Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers 0.5
AH-116: Interpreting Medical Lab Reports 3
AH-121: Basic Lactation Concepts 3
AH-122: Applied Principles of Breastfeeding 4
AH-128: Dynamics of Dementia 3
AH-131: Medico Legal Principles for Health Care Practitioners 3
AH-135: Fundamental Concepts of Cancer and Cancer Care 3
AH-141: Introduction to Public Health 3
AH-145: Culture-Sensitive Healthcare 3
AH-151: Introduction to Community Health 3
AH-190: Lactation Consultant Practicum 4
AH-192: Lactation Consultant Advanced Practicum 4
ANTH-131: Introduction to Anthropology 3
ANTH-151: Cultures of North America 3
ANTH-152: Middle Eastern Peoples and Cultures 3
ANTH-153: Introduction to Archaeology 3
ANTH-154: Food, Culture, and Economy 3
ARA-130: Pre-Elementary Arabic 3
ARA-131: Elementary Arabic I 4
ARA-132: Elementary Arabic II 4
ARA-141: Elementary Arabic Conversation 3
ARA-231: Intermediate Arabic I 4
ARA-232: Intermediate Arabic II 4
ARA-290: Study Abroad in Arabic Language and Culture 3
ART-101: Two-Dimensional Design 3
ART-102: Drawing I 3
ART-104: Color Theory 3
ART-105: Three-Dimensional Design 3
ART-107: Photoshop 3
ART-108: Introduction to Animation 3
ART-110: InDesign 3
ART-111: Digital Media 3
ART-112: Drawing II 3
ART-113: Life Drawing I 3
ART-114: Graphic Design Studio 1 3
ART-115: Intermediate Perspective 3
ART-116: Painting I 3
ART-117: Conceptual Animation Techniques 3
ART-118: Watercolor I 3
ART-119: Art Education for the Elementary Teacher 3
ART-121: Art History Survey I (Pre-historic to Medieval) 3
ART-122: Art History Survey II 3
ART-123: History of Modern Art 3
ART-130: History of Graphic Design 3
ART-135: Art Appreciation 3
ART-141: Ceramics I 3
ART-142: Ceramics II 3
ART-150: Introduction to Digital Photography 3
ART-161: Black & White Photography 3
ART-165: Typography 3
ART-172: Digital Color Theory 3
ART-209: 3-D Animation 3
ART-213: Life Drawing II 3
ART-214: Graphic Design Studio 2 3
ART-216: Painting II 3
ART-221: Medieval Art 3
ART-224: Art of Islam 3
ART-225: Asian Art: Art of India and Southeast Asia 3
ART-226: African and Afro American Art 3
ART-227: History of Arab Art and Architecture 3
ART-228: Arabic Calligraphy 3
ART-229: Survey of Contemporary Art 3
ART-230: Motion Graphics 3
ART-234: Topics in Art 3
ART-242: Ceramics III 3
ART-245: Interactive Design 3
ART-250: Intermediate Digital Photography 3
ART-255: Animation Basics 3
ART-265: Illustration 3
ART-272: The Design Entrepreneur 3
ART-273: Studio Art Capstone 1
ART-275: Advanced Projects 3
ART-2901: Directed Study Art History 1
ART-2902: Directed Study Art History 2
ART-290: Study Abroad in Art History 3
ART-2913: Directed Study in Painting 3
ART-2923: Directed Study in Watercolor 3
ART-2933: Directed Study in Drawing 3
ART-2936: Topics in Studio Art 3
ART-2953: Advanced Study in Ceramics 3
ASL-130: Deaf Culture and the Deaf Community 3
ASL-131: Elementary American Sign Language I 4
ASL-132: Elementary American Sign Language II 4
ASL-135: Fingerspelling and Numbering 2
ASL-137: Linguistics & ASL Structure 3
ASL-231: Intermediate American Sign Language I 4
ASL-232: Intermediate American Sign Language II 4
ASL-235: Visual & Gestural Communication 2
ASL-237: Transliterating and Signing Modalities 3
ASL-240: ASL Interpreting I 3
ASL-242: ASL Interpreting II 3
ASL-244: ASL Educational Interpreting 3
ASL-246: ASL Interpreting III 3
ASL-280: MI Certification Prep 2
ASL-290: ASL Practicum I: Educational Settings 3
ASL-292: ASL Practicum II: Community Settings 3
ASTR-131: Descriptive Astronomy 3
ASTR-133: Introductory Astronomy Laboratory 1
ATMS-131: Weather and Climate 3
AUTO-101: Automotive Fundamentals 4
AUTO-102: Related Technical Automotive 3
AUTO-103: Introduction to the Automotive Industry and Automotive Maintenance 2
AUTO-105: Internal Combustion Engines 3
AUTO-108: Basic Automotive Electricity 3
AUTO-110: Automotive Electrical Systems 3
AUTO-120: Automotive Fuel Management Systems 2
AUTO-131: Automotive Ignition Systems 2
AUTO-132: Computer Controlled Ignition Systems and Engine Performance 2
AUTO-135: Mathematics for the Technician 3
AUTO-140: Automotive Transmissions Systems 3
AUTO-142: Automatic Transmission Controls/Diagnosis 2
AUTO-145: Manual Transmissions and Transaxles 4
AUTO-150: Automotive Diagnosis and Engine Evaluation 2
AUTO-160: Automotive Chassis Units 2
AUTO-162: Antilock Brake Systems 3
AUTO-165: Electronic Steering and Suspension 4
AUTO-167: Brake Clinic 2
AUTO-181: Technical Automotive Welding 4
AUTO-190: Co-op in Automotive Technology 1
AUTO-191: Coordinated Educational Experience in Automotive Service 1 2
AUTO-192: Coordinated Educational Experience in Automotive Service 2 2
AUTO-215: Automotive Engine Dynamometer 2
AUTO-216: Chassis Dynamometer 2
AUTO-217: Automotive Alignment Clinic 2
AUTO-224: Automotive Air Conditioning 2
AUTO-225: Automotive Air Conditioning 2
AUTO-227: Automotive Air Conditioning Clinic 2
AUTO-230: Automotive Diesel Principles 2
AUTO-231: Diesel Engine Performance and Diagnosis 4
AUTO-237: Computerized Engine/Vehicle Network, Programming, and Security Systems 2
AUTO-260: Alternative Automotive Propulsion Systems 3
AUTO-290: Co-op in Automotive Technology 2
AUTO-291: Coordinated Educational Experience in Automotive Service 3 2
AUTO-292: Coordinated Educational Experience in Automotive Service 4 2
AUTO-293: Automotive Technology-Service Experience Laboratory I 4
AUTO-294: Automotive Technology-Service Experience Laboratory II 4
AUTO-297: Special Topics in Automotive Technology 1
AUTO-298: Special Topics in Automotive Technology 2
BAC-110: Practical Accounting 4
BAC-112: Bookkeeping 4
BAC-120: Introduction to Payroll Accounting 2
BAC-131: Introduction to Financial Accounting 4
BAC-132: Introduction to Managerial Accounting 4
BAC-141: Computerized Accounting - QuickBooks 2
BAC-146: Computerized Accounting—Peachtree 3
BAC-231: Asset Accounting 4
BAC-234: Equity Accounting 4
BAC-235: Tax Accounting 3
BAC-262: Cost Accounting 3
BBA-110: Business Grammar and Punctuation 3
BBA-131: Introduction to Business 4
BBA-133: Business Behavior and Communication 3
BBA-153: Customer Service 3
BBA-159: Contact Center/Help Desk Practicum 2
BBA-164: Introduction to Industrial Distribution 2
BBA-231: Business Office Communications 3
BBA-235: Office Administration Practicum 4
BBA-250: International Business 3
BBA-252: Principles of Marketing 3
BBA-290: Study Abroad in International Business 3
BCA-100: Computer Basics 3
BCA-125: Introduction to the Internet and Web Pages 3
BCA-140: Software Applications 3
BCA-143: Word Processing 3
BCA-145: Spreadsheets 3
BCA-147: Database Applications 3
BCA-152: Presentation Software 2
BCA-165: Microsoft Project Software for Business Solutions 2
BCO-190: Co-op in Business 1
BCO-191: Co-op in Business 1
BCO-290: Co-op in Business 2
BEC-133: Basic Economics 3
BEC-151: Principles of Macroeconomics 3
BEC-152: Principles of Microeconomics 3
BFN-130: Beginning Investment 3
BFN-141: Personal Finance 3
BFN-253: Principles of Finance 3
BIO-130: Evolution and Behavior 4
BIO-131: Introduction to Biology 4
BIO-134: Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology 5
BIO-135: Microbiology for the Allied Health Sciences 4
BIO-138: Environmental Science Lecture 3
BIO-139: Environmental Science Laboratory 2
BIO-143: Zoology 4
BIO-150: Biology: Organisms, Genes, and Ecology 4
BIO-152: Cell and Molecular Biology 4
BIO-233: Anatomy and Physiology I 4
BIO-234: Anatomy and Physiology II 4
BIO-251: Microbiology 5
BIO-261: Nucleic Acids 5
BIO-262: Proteins 5
BIO-263: Biotechnology Internship 1
BIO-270: Exercise Physiology 4
BLDA-100: Introduction to Autocad 4
BLDA-110: Visual Communications Studio 4
BLDA-120: Introduction to Carpentry 4
BLDA-130: Introduction to Revit 4
BLDA-140: Construction Systems 1 4
BLDA-150: Environmental Building Systems 4
BLDA-230: Residential Studio 4
BLDA-240: Construction Systems 2 4
BLDA-250: Surveying & Site Design 4
BLDA-260: Construction Estimating 4
BLDA-270: Commercial Design Studio 4
BLDA-280: Building Science Capstone 4
BLDE-100: Energy Industry Fundamentals 4
BLDE-105: Energy Industry Basics (EIB) 2
BLDE-106: Energy Industry Safety 2
BLDE-110: AC/DC Electricity 3
BLDE-115: Heating Technology 2
BLDE-120: Introduction to RACH - Refrigeration I 2
BLDE-125: Sheet Metal Fabrication 2
BLDE-130: Heating and Cooling Mechanical Codes 2
BLDE-135: HVAC Installation and Start-Up 2
BLDE-140: Refrigeration Technology 3
BLDE-145: Air Conditioning Technology 3
BLDE-150: Construction Blueprint Reading 2
BLDE-155: Steam and Hot Water Heating Systems 2
BLDE-202: Electric Field Service Metering 3
BLDE-203: Natural Gas Distribution and Maintenance 3
BLDE-207: Underground Distribution 3
BLDE-208: Overhead Distribution 3
BLDE-210: Light Commercial Heating 3
BLDE-215: Commercial Refrigeration 2
BLDE-220: Rach Light Commercial Systems/Controls 3
BLDE-260: Energy Systems Management 3
BLDE-265: Energy Systems Design 2
BLDE-270: Construction Project Management 2
BLDE-275: Energy Auditing/Weatherization Certification 3
BLDE-280: Michigan Mechanical Contractor - License Preparation 4
BLDE-282: Substation Operation and Maintenance 3
BLDE-290: NATE Core Essentials Test Prep 2
BLDE-291: NATE Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Test Prep 2
BLDE-292: NATE Gas and Oil Heating Test Prep 2
BLDE-298: Special Topics in Energy Technology 1
BLDE-299: Special Topics in Energy Technology 1
BLW-253: Business Law and the Legal Environment 4
BMA-110: Business Math 3
BSC-130: Technical Foundations of Logistics and Supply Chain Management 3
BSC-230: Logistics and Distribution Strategy 3
BSC-240: Operations and Supply Chain Management 3
BSC-250: Purchasing and Supply Chain Management 3
BSC-260: Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management 3
CDL-177: Introduction to Commercial Driver License (CDL) 2
CDL-178: Tractor-Trailer Operations 2
CDL-179: Tractor-Trailer Driving Lab 2
CDL-190: Tractor-Trailer Driving Internship 8
CDL-195: Commercial Driver License (CDL) Independent Study 2
CHD-201: Child Development: Introduction to Creative Child Care 3
CHD-202: Child Development CDA Portfolio/Assessment Preparation 3
CHD-203: Introduction to Early Childhood Education: Birth - 8 3
CHD-205: Infant/Toddler Care and Development 3
CHD-206: Introduction to Preschool Development and Care 3
CHD-211: Exploring Early Childhood Programs-Field Experience 1
CHD-215: Nurturing Infant & Toddler Relationships-Practicum 1
CHD-231: Inquiry-Based Preschool Curriculum 3
CHD-232: Observation and Assessment in Early Childhood Education 3
CHD-233: Observation and Assessment in Early Childhood Education Practicum 1
CHD-234: Preschool Curriculum-Practicum 1
CHD-241: Developmentally-Appropriate Practices in Child Care Center Administration 3
CHD-242: Language and Literacy Experiences for Young Children: Birth-8 3
CHEM-091: Preparatory Chemistry 2
CHEM-111: Chemical Skills for Pre-Professional Programs 4
CHEM-131: Principles of Chemistry 4
CHEM-132: Principles of Organic and Biological Chemistry 4
CHEM-141: Principles of General and Inorganic Chemistry I 5
CHEM-142: Principles of General and Inorganic Chemistry II 5
CHEM-151: Chemical Instrumentation and Laboratory Techniques 3
CHEM-241: Organic Chemistry I 4
CHEM-242: Organic Chemistry II 4
CHEM-243: Microscale Organic Chemistry Laboratory I 2
CHEM-244: Microscale Organic Chemistry Laboratory II 2
CHN-130: Pre-Elementary Mandarin Chinese 4
CHN-131: Elementary Mandarin Chinese I 4
CHN-132: Elementary Mandarin Chinese II 4
CIMEL-100: Intro to Basic Electricity 1
CIMEL-101: Instruments 1
CIMEL-102: Control Circuits and Components 1
CIMEL-103: Solid State Devices 1
CIMEL-104: Controls and Instrumentation—Fundamentals 1
CIMEL-105: Sensors and Photoeyes 1
CIMEL-106: Calibration and Loop Training 1
CIMEL-107: Final Control Elements 1
CIMEL-108: Introduction to PLCs 1
CIMEL-109: PLC Hardware and Software 1
CIMEL-110: Programming PLCs 1
CIMEL-111: PLC Communication 1
CIMEL-112: Introduction to Robotics 1
CIMEL-113: Programming/Editing Robots 1
CIMEL-114: Robot Maintenance and PM 1
CIMEL-115: Error Codes and Troubleshooting 1
CIMEL-116: Integration of PLCs and Robots 1
CIMEL-117: Introduction to Siemens PLCs 1
CIMEL-118: Operation and Introduction to Programming of the Siemens Programmable Controller 1
CIMEL-119: Siemens PLC Programming 1
CIMEL-120: Siemens Programmable Logic Controller Communications 1
CIMHP-111: Fundamentals of Fluid Power and Electrohydraulics/Pneumatics 1
CIMHP-112: Flow, Directional, and Pressure Control Valves 1
CIMHP-113: Pumps, Actuators, and Accumulators 1
CIMHP-114: Reservoirs, Fluids, and Filters 1
CIMHP-115: Hose, Piping, and Tubing 1
CIMHP-116: Electrohydraulics/Pneumatics 1
CIMHP-117: Systems and System Troubleshooting 1
CIMMT-100: Intro to Machining Operations 1
CIMMT-101: Measuring and Layout Tools 1
CIMMT-102: Hand and Power Tools 1
CIMMT-103: Power Saws and Drill Presses 1
CIMMT-104: Engine Lathe Operation 1
CIMMT-105: Vertical Mill Operations 1
CIMPR-100: Drafting Fundamentals 1
CIMPR-101: Orthographic Interpretation 1
CIMTA-100: Basic OSHA Safety 1
CIMTA-101: First Aid, CPR, and AED 1
CIMTA-102: Hoists and Cranes 1
CIMTA-103: Rigging Awareness and Fundamentals 1
CIMTA-104: Basic Preventive Maintenance 1
CIMTA-105: Advanced Technologies 1
CIMTA-106: Basic Mechanical Power Systems 1
CIMTA-107: Flexible Drives 1
CIMTA-108: Couplings and Alignment 1
CIMTA-109: Bearing, Shafts, and Seals 1
CIMTA-110: Brakes and Clutches 1
CIMTA-111: Gears and Cams 1
CIMTA-112: System Technology 1
CIMWD-100: Weld Joint Design and Preparation (Safety/Joint Design) 1
CIMWD-101: Weld Joint Design and Preparation (Welding Code, Weld Measurement, and Hand Tools) 1
CIMWD-102: Weld Joint Design and Preparation (Material Cutting, Grinding, and Fabrication) 1
CIMWD-110: Shielded Metal Arc Welding (Flat and Horizontal Welding) 1
CIMWD-111: Shielded Metal Arc Welding (Vertical Welding) 1
CIMWD-112: Shielded Metal Arc Welding (Overhead Welding) 1
CIMWD-120: Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (Safety and Technology) 1
CIMWD-121: Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (Steel and Stainless Steel-Flat and Horizontal Welding) 1
CIMWD-122: Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (Steel and Stainless Steel Vertical) 1
CIMWD-123: Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (Aluminum) 1
CIMWD-130: Gas Metal Arc Welding (Flat and Horizontal) 1
CIMWD-131: Gas Metal Arc Welding (Vertical and Overhead Welding) 1
CIMWD-140: Weld Metallurgy (Ferrous Metals) 1
CIMWD-141: Weld Metallurgy (Non-Ferrous Metals) 1
CIMWD-142: Weld Metallurgy (Weld Testing) 1
CIMWD-210: Pipe Welding (2G and 5G Welding) 1
CIMWD-211: Pipe Welding (6G Welding) 1
CIMWD-212: Pipe Welding (Socket and Flange Welding) 1
CIMWD-220: Tool and Die Welding (Technology) 1
CIMWD-221: Tool and Die Welding (GTAW) 1
CIMWD-222: Tool and Die Welding (SMAW) 1
CIMWD-230: Shielded Metal Arc Welding Certification Preparation and Practice 1
CIMWD-231: Shielded Metal Arc Welding Certification Practical 1
CIMWD-240: Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Certification Preparation and Practice 1
CIMWD-241: Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Certification Practical 1
CIMWD-250: Gas Metal Arc Welding Certification Preparation and Practice 1
CIMWD-251: Gas Metal Arc Welding Certification Practical 1
CIMWD-260: Welding Fabrication Project (Planning and Design) 1
CIMWD-261: Welding Fabrication Project (Fabricate) 1
CIMWD-262: Welding Fabrication Project (Assembly) 1
CIS-100: Introduction to Information Technology 3
CIS-105: Desktop Operating System Concepts 4
CIS-109: Apple Support 3
CIS-111: SQL for Database Development 3
CIS-112: Introduction to Networking 3
CIS-113: Wireless LANs 2
CIS-114: Introduction to Novell NetWare Administration 3
CIS-119: Math for Computer Professionals 3
CIS-121: Introduction to the Internet 2
CIS-122: Web Internet Technologies 3
CIS-123: Web Pages 2
CIS-124: Introduction to Windows Server Administration 3
CIS-125: Principles of Programming Logic 4
CIS-126: HTML/CSS Web Programming 4
CIS-129: Introduction to UNIX with Shell Scripting 4
CIS-130: C# Programming 3
CIS-132: Active Server Pages.Net Programming 3
CIS-141: Introduction to Mobile Application Development 2
CIS-157: A+ Hardware 4
CIS-158: A+ Operating Systems 4
CIS-160: COBOL Programming 3
CIS-162: Perl Programming 4
CIS-170: C Programming 3
CIS-171: Java Programming 3
CIS-172: JavaScript 3
CIS-186: Game Programming 4
CIS-190: Co-op in Computer Information Systems 1
CIS-211: Web Server Administration 2
CIS-212: Networking II 3
CIS-221: Instructional Technology for Educators (Pre K-12) 3
CIS-222: Web Database Development with PHP 4
CIS-225: Web Frameworks 3
CIS-227: Content Management Systems 4
CIS-229: UNIX System Administration 4
CIS-230: C++ Programming 3
CIS-232: Advanced C# Database Programming 4
CIS-241: Advanced Mobile Application Development 3
CIS-242: Voice Over IP (VoIP) 2
CIS-244: Storage and Virtualization 3
CIS-270: Oracle Database Administration 3
CIS-271: Advanced Java 4
CIS-272: Project Management 4
CIS-276: Digital Forensics 3
CIS-280: Information Assurance and Security 4
CIS-290: Co-op in Computer Information Systems 2
CIS-294: Software Engineering 3
CIS-295: Network Design and Implementation 3
CIS-296: Information Assurance Methodology 3
CIS-297: Special Topics in Computer Information Systems 1
CIS-298: Special Topics in Computer Information Systems 2
CIS-299: Special Topics in Computer Information Systems 3
CLT-101: Computer Technology Test 0
CNT-110: CCNA: Networking I 4
CNT-120: CCNA: Networking II 4
CNT-210: CCNA: Networking III 4
CNT-220: CCNA: Networking IV 4
CNT-260: Network Security 4
CNT-270: CCNA Security 4
CNT-291: CCNP - Routing 4
CNT-293: CCNP - Switching 4
CNT-295: CCNP - Network Troubleshooting 4
COLL-101: College Success 3
COMM-151: Introduction to Social Media 3
COMM-190: Co-op in Communications 1
COMM-290: Co-op in Communications 2
COUN-110: Human Potential Seminar 2
COUN-111: Advanced Human Potential Seminar 2
COUN-114: Stress Management - A Personal Approach 2
COUN-115: Assertiveness Training 1
COUN-116: Assertiveness in Daily Living 1
COUN-118: Assertiveness at Work 1
COUN-119: Issues in Personal Growth 2
COUN-120: Career Exploration 1
COUN-125: Life Work Planning 3
COUN-127: Job Interview Counseling 1
COUN-128: Active Parenting 2
COUN-129: Personality Type and Success 2
CRJ-126: Introduction to Homeland Security 3
CRJ-131: Introduction to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice 3
CRJ-132: Police Administration – Staff and Line Operations 3
CRJ-134: Criminal Investigation 3
CRJ-135: Juvenile Justice 3
CRJ-136: Introduction to Corrections 3
CRJ-138: Probation and Parole 3
CRJ-140: Identity Theft: Prevention and Awareness 3
CRJ-141: Corrections Clients – Human Growth and Development 3
CRJ-234: Criminalistics: Criminal Investigation Laboratory Techniques 3
CRJ-235: Computer Forensics and Cyber Crime Investigations 3
CRJ-251: Criminal Law 4
CRJ-252: Criminal Procedure 4
CRJ-253: Legal Issues in Corrections/Probation and Parole 4
CRJ-285: Topics in Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement 3
CRJ-286: Topics in Corrections/Probation and Parole 3
CRJ-287: Police Academy 21
CRJ-291: Criminal Justice Internship 1 3
CRJ-292: Criminal Justice Internship 2 3
DNCA-121: Beginning Tap 2
DNCA-131: Beginning Latin and Ballroom Dance 2
DNCA-132: Intermediate Latin and Ballroom Dance 2
DNCA-133: Advanced Latin and Ballroom Dance 2
DNCA-141: Beginning Ballet 2
DNCA-1421: Intermediate Ballet 2
DNCA-1422: DNCA-1422: Intermediate Ballet II 2
DNCA-1423: DNCA-1423: Intermediate Ballet III 2
DNCA-142: Intermediate Ballet 2
DNCA-143: Advanced Ballet 2
DNCA-151: Beginning Modern Dance 2
DNCA-1521: Intermediate Modern Dance I 2
DNCA-1522: Intermediate Modern Dance II 2
DNCA-1523: Intermediate Modern Dance III 2
DNCA-152: Intermediate Modern Dance 2
DNCA-153: Advanced Modern Dance 3
DNCA-161: Beginning Jazz Dance 2
DNCA-162: Intermediate Jazz Dance 2
DNCA-163: Advanced Jazz Dance 2
DNCA-171: Beginning Hip Hop Dance 2
DNCA-1721: Intermediate Hip Hop Dance I 2
DNCA-1722: Intermediate Hip Hop Dance II 2
DNCA-1723: Intermediate Hip Hop Dance III 2
DNCA-221: College Dance Company I 3
DNCA-222: College Dance Company II 3
DNCA-223: College Dance Company III 3
DNCA-224: College Dance Company IV 3
DNCA-230: Beginning Choreography 3
DNCA-253: Advanced Modern Dance 2
DRAF-110: Introduction to Industrial Drafting 3
DRAF-120: Introduction to CAD 4
DRAF-122: SolidWorks Level I - Introduction 2
DRAF-123: Introduction to CATIA V5 2
DRAF-124: SolidWorks Level II - Advanced 2
DRAF-125: CATIA V5 Level II 2
DRAF-126: SolidWorks Level III - Applications 2
DRAF-127: CATIA V5 Level III 2
DRAF-130: Technical Descriptive Geometry 3
DRAF-131: UG NX Level 1 - Introduction 2
DRAF-132: UG NX Level II - Intermediate 2
DRAF-133: UG NX Level III - Advanced 2
DRAF-134: UG NX Level IV - Applications 2
DRAF-142: Industrial Detailing 4
DRAF-210: Die Design 3
DRAF-220: Machine Element Drafting 2
DRAF-230: Jigs, Fixtures, and Tools 3
DRAF-240: Product Drawing 2
DRAF-255: Advanced Techniques 4
DRAF-260: Advanced CAD Applications Solid Modeling 4
DRAF-297: Special Topics in Industrial Drafting Technology 1
DRAF-298: Special Topics in Industrial Drafting Technology 2
EDU-201: Introduction to Education 3
EDU-202: Introduction to Education Practicum 1
EDU-250: Humanities and Performing Arts for Educators 3
EDU-256: Educational Psychology 3
EDU-260: History and Civics in Elementary Schools 3
EDU-295: Exceptional Children in Early Childhood 3
EDU-296: Exceptional Child 3
ELEC-103: Basic Electricity 4
ELEC-106: Basic Electronics 3
ELEC-115: Digital Circuits 1 3
ELEC-120: Basic Hydraulics 3
ELEC-145: AC/DC Rotating Machinery 3
ELEC-185: Pneumatics 3
ELEC-195: AC/DC Circuit Analysis 3
ELEC-200: Ladder Diagrams and Motor Controls 3
ELEC-235: Siemens PLC/HMI Programming 3
ELEC-245: Programmable Controllers 3
ELEC-255: Instrumentation Systems 3
ELEC-260: Automation Controls and Robotics 3
ELEC-270: LabVIEW 3
ELEC-290: Co-op in Electrical Technology 2
ELEC-297: Special Topics in Electrical Technology 1
ELEC-298: Special Topics in Electrical Technology 2
ELI-101A: ELL: American Culture 1 2
ELI-101C: ELL Communication 1 2
ELI-101R: ELL Reading & Listening 1 5
ELI-101W: ELL Writing & Grammar 1 5
ELI-102A: ELL American Culture 2 2
ELI-102C: ELL Communication 2 2
ELI-102R: ELL Reading & Listening 2 5
ELI-102W: ELL Writing & Grammar 2 5
ELI-103A: ELL American Culture 3 2
ELI-103C: ELL Communication 3 2
ELI-103R: ELL Reading & Listening 3 5
ELI-103W: ELL Writing & Grammar 3 5
ELI-104A: ELL American Culture 4 2
ELI-104C: ELL Communication 4 2
ELI-104R: ELL Reading & Listening 4 5
ELI-104W: ELL Writing & Grammar 4 5
ELI-105A: ELL American Culture 5 2
ELI-105C: ELL Communication 5 2
ELI-105R: ELL Reading & Study Skills 5 5
ELI-105W: ELL Writing & Grammar 5 5
ELI-106A: ELL American Culture 6 2
ELI-106C: ELL Communication 6 2
ELI-106R: ELL Reading & Study Skills 6 5
ELI-106T: ELL TOEFL Preparation 2
ELI-106W: ELL Writing & Grammar 6 5
EMS-100: EMT-Basic Fundamentals 9
EMS-107: Basic Procedures Lab 1.5
EMS-109: EMT-Basic Clinical Externship 2
EMS-200: Paramedic I 3
EMS-206: Paramedic Procedures Lab I 1.5
EMS-210: Paramedic II 3
EMS-216: Paramedic Procedures Lab II 2
EMS-220: Paramedic III 4
EMS-226: Paramedic Procedures Lab III 1
EMS-230: Paramedic IV 4
EMS-240: Paramedic V 3
EMS-291: Paramedic Clinical I 3
EMS-292: Paramedic Clinical II 3
EMS-293: Paramedic Clinical III 5
ENG-081: Preparation for College Reading 3
ENG-082: Academic Reading for the English Language Learner 3
ENG-092: Academic Writing for the English Language Learner 3
ENG-093: Preparation for College Writing 3
ENG-094: Accelerated Learning Program (ALP): Reading and Writing 3
ENG-095E: Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) for the English Language Learner: Reading and Writing 3
ENG-131: Introduction to College Writing 3
ENG-131A: Introduction to College Writing (ALP) 3
ENG-131E: Introduction to College Writing (ALP) for ELLs 3
ENG-131H: Honors Introduction to College Writing 3
ENG-132: College Writing and Research 3
ENG-132H: Honors College Writing and Research 3
ENG-135: Business and Technical Writing and Research 3
ENG-139: Creative Writing 3
ENG-231: Introduction to Literature: Poetry and Drama 3
ENG-232: Introduction to the Short Story 3
ENG-233: Introduction to the Novel 3
ENG-234: Topics in Literature 3
ENG-235: American Literature Before 1900 3
ENG-236: American Autobiography 3
ENG-237: American Literature Since 1900 3
ENG-241: Shakespeare 3
ENG-243: Women’s Literature 3
ENG-245: The Bible as Literature 3
ENG-246: Introduction to Children’s Literature 3
ENG-248: African American Literature 3
ENGR-101: Introduction to Engineering Design (IED) 3
ENGR-102: Principles of Engineering (POE) 3
ENGR-121: Engineering Design and 3D Printing 3
ENGR-125: Introduction to Computation for Engineers 3
ENGR-130: Introduction to Engineering 3
ENGR-201: Science of Materials 3
ENGR-205: Digital Systems 4
ENGR-232: Statics 3
ENGR-233: Dynamics 3
ENGR-235: Mechanics of Materials 2
ENGR-240: Circuits 5
ENGT-245: Applied Statics 3
ENGT-265: Mechanical Senior Project 3
ENT-100: Basic Workplace Skills 1
ENT-101: Introduction to Energy Technology 2
ENT-103: AC and DC Electricity 3
ENT-104: Heating Technology 4
ENT-105: Introduction to Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, and Heating (RACH) 2
ENT-106: Sheet Metal Fabrication 2
ENT-108: Introduction to Heating and Cooling Codes 2
ENT-109: HVAC Installation and Start-Up 2
ENT-113: Refrigeration Technology 4
ENT-119: Air Conditioning Technology 4
ENT-124: Construction Blueprint Reading 2
ENT-125: Steam and Hot Water Heating Systems 2
ENT-141: Power Engineering I Energy Conversion Fundamentals 2
ENT-145: Power Engineering II Boilers and Auxiliaries 4
ENT-196: Energy Technology Independent Study 2
ENT-212: Commercial Heating 3
ENT-216: Light Commercial Refrigeration 3
ENT-219: RACH Light Commercial Systems 3
ENT-230: Michigan Mechanical Contractor - License Preparation 4
ENT-235: Power-Facilities Controls Calibration 3
ENT-255: Green Building Certification Preparation 2
ENT-256: Power Engineering III Steam Plant Systems-Equipment 4
ENT-259: Power Engineering IV - Plant/Building Operations and Maintenance 2
ENT-260: Energy Systems Management 4
ENT-265: Energy Systems Design 5
ENT-269: Energy Technology Project Management 2
ENT-297: Special Topics in Energy Technology 1
ENT-298: Special Topics in Energy Technology 2
FRE-131: Elementary French I 4
FRE-132: Elementary French II 4
FRE-231: Intermediate French I 4
FRE-232: Intermediate French II 4
GEOG-131: Principles of Physical Geography 4
GEOG-132: World Regional Geography 3
GEOG-138: Geography of Michigan 3
GEOG-221: Geography of the Middle East 3
GEOL-131: Physical Geology 4
GER-131: Elementary German I 4
GER-132: Elementary German II 4
GER-231: Intermediate German I 4
GER-232: Intermediate German II 4
HCS-103: Employment Skills for Health Careers 1
HCS-124: Basic Health Assessment 1
HCS-131: Computers in Health Care 3
HHS-100: Introduction to Social Work 3
HHS-101: Introduction to Counseling and Interviewing Skills 4
HHS-102: Introduction to Interpersonal Theory and Practice 4
HHS-110: Behavior Technician Introduction 3
HHS-201: Mental Health Technician I 6
HHS-202: Mental Health Technician II 6
HHS-205: Adaptive Play and Recreational Integration 4
HHS-215: Child Life Specialist Assistant 4
HHS-290: Child Life Specialist Assistant Co-op 3
HIST-111: Ancient World History 3
HIST-112: Medieval-Early Modern World History 3
HIST-113: Modern World History 3
HIST-151: Early American History 3
HIST-152: Modern American History 3
HIST-222: History of Rome, 753 BCE-500 CE 3
HIST-226: History of England to 1688 3
HIST-239: Colonial America 3
HIST-243: African-American History 3
HIST-248: Coming to the New World: American Ethnic and Immigration History from First Nations to the Present 3
HIST-250: American Labor History 3
HIST-252: History of Women in the United States 3
HIST-254: History of Michigan 3
HIST-256: Sea Power! A History of the U.S. Navy and American Maritime Heritage 3
HIST-258: The Revolutionary War Era 3
HIST-261: The Modern Middle East 3
HIST-268: The History of Sports in America 3
HIST-270: The American Civil War 3
HIST-273: American Social History Since 1875 3
HIST-281: The Global Cold War, 1917-1991 3
HIST-283: The United States and the Cold War, 1917-1991 3
HIST-285: The United States and the Second World War 3
HIST-286: The United States and the Vietnam War 3
HIST-295: Directed Study 1
HIST-296: Directed Study 2
HIST-297: Directed Study 3
HIT-150: Basic Coding: Theory and Practice 3
HIT-230: Ambulatory Coding 3
HON-151: Honors Colloquium: History and Culture of Detroit 3
HON-161: Honors Colloquium 3
HON-231: Honors Directed Study 1
HON-232: Honors Directed Study 1
HON-233: Honors Directed Study 1
HON-234: Honors Directed Study 1
HON-235: Honors Directed Study Abroad 1
HON-236: Honors Directed Study - Service Learning 1
HON-251: Great Works 3
HOSP-101: Wines of the World 1
HOSP-103: Major Wines Grape Varieties 1
HOSP-105: Applied Food Service Sanitation 2
HOSP-107: Artisanal Cheese and Craft Beer 1
HOSP-145: Ice Carving and Design 3
HOSP-190: Co-op in Hospitality 1
HOSP-211: Introduction to the Hospitality Industry 3
HOSP-215: International Cooking 4
HOSP-220: Introduction to Baking and Cooking 2
HOSP-221: Front Office Procedures and Guest Services 3
HOSP-224: Culinary Skills and Nutritional Cooking 3
HOSP-226: Fundamentals of Baking 3
HOSP-235: Ice Carving for the Professional 3
HOSP-245: Hotel and Restaurant Desserts 3
HOSP-250: Hospitality and Travel Marketing 3
HOSP-251: Dining Room Service and Operations 3
HOSP-255: Professional Cake Decorating 3
HOSP-270: Facilities Management 3
HOSP-290: Co-op in Hospitality 2
HOSP-309: Meetings and Event Planning 3
HOSP-310: Hospitality Supervision and Leadership 3
HOSP-325: Dining Room Captain 3
HOSP-330: Food and Nutrition 3
HOSP-331: Modern and European Pastry 6
HOSP-340: A' la Carte and Buffet Cookery 8
HOSP-341: Garde Manger and Menu Planning 6
HOSP-360: Hospitality Purchasing 3
HOSP-370: Food and Beverage Controls 3
HOSP-421: Professional Strategies for Culinarians 4
HOSP-490: Co-Op in Culinary Arts 2
HPE-140: Lifetime Wellness 2
HPE-141: Introduction to Health and Wellness 3
HPE-145: Advanced First Aid/CPR/AED Training 3
HPE-150: Exercise Physiology 3
HPE-151: Methods for Teaching Exercise 3
HPE-152: Tests and Measurements 2
HPE-153: Nutrition 2
HPE-154: Facilities and Equipment 2
HPE-158: Introduction to Nutrition 3
HPE-192: Internship in Physical Education 2
HPE-200: Exercise Facility, Equipment, and Safety 3
HPE-212: Measurement and Prescription of Fitness and Sport 3
HPE-253: Nutrition for the Professional 3
HPE-258: Advanced Strength Training 3
HPE-260: Nutrition, Health, and Physical Education for the Classroom Teacher 3
HPE-262: Health and Physical Education for Elementary Educators 3
HPE-265: Sports Psychology 3
HPE-270: Exercise Physiology 4
HPEA-104: Basketball I 2
HPEA-105: Bowling I 2
HPEA-106: Golf I 2
HPEA-109: Tennis I 2
HPEA-110: Volleyball I 2
HPEA-117: Strength Training and Physical Conditioning I 2
HPEA-120: Lifetime Fitness 2
HPEA-121: Pilates 2
HPEA-122: Yoga-Based Fitness 2
HPEA-126: Aerobic Dance 2
HPEA-155: Relaxation Techniques for Stress Management 2
HPEA-204: Basketball II 2
HPEA-205: Bowling II 2
HPEA-206: Golf II 2
HPEA-209: Tennis II 2
HPEA-210: Volleyball II 2
HPEA-217: Strength Training and Physical Conditioning II 2
HUM-101: Introduction to the Humanities 3
HUM-105: World Civilization I 3
HUM-204: Introduction to American Cultural Studies 3
HUM-250: Visual and Performing Arts for Teachers 3
ICO-190: Co-op in Industrial Technology 1
ICO-290: Co-op in Industrial Technology 2
INTR-120: Manual Architectural Drafting for Interior Designers 3
INTR-130: Intro to CAD for Interior Design 3
INTR-131: Advanced CAD for Interior Design 3
INTR-180: Design and User Needs 3
INTR-181: Principles of Design 3
INTR-182: Interior Design Materials and Components 3
INTR-183: Perspective Drawing and Rendering 3
INTR-187: Computer Drafting for Kitchen and Bath 2
INTR-250: Kitchen Design Studio 3
INTR-251: Bath Design Studio 3
INTR-255: Advanced Kitchen and Bath Studio 2
INTR-2626: Special Topics in Interior Design 3
INTR-280: History of Design - Antiquities to Present 3
INTR-281: Residential Design Studio 3
INTR-283: Lighting and Environmental Systems for Interiors 3
INTR-284: Commercial Design Studio 3
INTR-285: Professional Practice for Interior Designers 3
INTR-287: Interior Design Synthesis 3
INTR-294: Kitchen and Bath Internship 2
INTR-2993: Advanced Study in Interior Design 3
ITAL-131: Elementary Italian I 4
ITAL-132: Elementary Italian II 4
JOUR-131: News Writing 3
JOUR-292: Journalism Experience - Online News Writing 1
LGL-100: Essential Paralegal Skills 2
LGL-110: Legal Ethics 2
LGL-115: Property Law 3
LGL-126: Legal Research 4
LGL-190: Co-op in Paralegal Studies 1
LGL-200: Civil Litigation 4
LGL-220: Personal Injury Litigation 3
LGL-226: Legal Writing 4
LGL-228: Technology in the Law 3
LGL-235: Contracts 3
LGL-240: Family Law 3
LGL-245: Estate Planning and Probate 3
LGL-248: Immigration Basics 3
LGL-250: Business Organizations 3
LGL-290: Co-op in Paralegal Studies 2
LGL-295: Paralegal Internship 3
LGL-299: Special Topics in Law 3
MATH-010: Algebra Skills Review 2
MATH-031: Quantitative Reasoning Skills Review 2
MATH-041: Introduction to Statistics Skills Review 2
MATH-074: Prealgebra 4
MATH-0771: Whole Numbers, Integers, and Introduction to Algebra 1
MATH-0772: Fractions, Mixed Numbers, and Fractions with Variables 1
MATH-0773: Decimals, Ratios, Proportions, and Percents 1
MATH-0774: Measurement, Geometry, Statistics, and Real Numbers 1
MATH-080: Beginning Algebra 3
MATH-0891: Algebraic Expressions and Linear Equations and Inequalities 1
MATH-0892: Graphing Linear Equations and Inequalities 1
MATH-0893: Systems of Linear Equations 1
MATH-0894: Exponents and Polynomials 1
MATH-100: Basic Technical Mathematics 4
MATH-101: Mathematics for Health Careers 4
MATH-103: Technical Mathematics 4
MATH-104: Mathematics for Food Service Careers 4
MATH-1091: Factoring 1
MATH-1092: Functions, Rational Expressions, and Rational Equations 1
MATH-1093: Radicals 1
MATH-1094: Quadratic Equations and Functions 1
MATH-110: Intermediate Algebra 4
MATH-112: Trigonometry 3
MATH-115: College Algebra 5
MATH-121: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I 3
MATH-131: Mathematics for the Modern World 4
MATH-141: Introduction to Statistics 4
MATH-150: Finite Mathematics 4
MATH-165: Mathematics for Calculus 6
MATH-175: Precalculus 5
MATH-180: Calculus I 5
MATH-183: Calculus II 5
MATH-221: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II 3
MATH-225: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers III 3
MATH-275: Discrete Mathematics 4
MATH-280: Calculus III 5
MATH-283: Linear Algebra 3
MATH-288: Differential Equations 5
MFMT-101: Energy Technology Applications 2
MFMT-114: Energy Conversion Principles, Tools, Instruments, and Processes 2
MFMT-115: Boiler Low Pressure Heating Plant Operation and Maintenance 2
MFMT-116: High Pressure Boiler-3rd Class License Preparation 2
MFMT-151: Power Engineering Stationary Steam Core Skills 5
MFMT-192: Power Facilities Practicum 2
MFMT-196: Power Engineering Independent Study 2
MFMT-224: Automated Control Systems 1 2
MFMT-241: Power Engineering/Refrigeration License Review 5
MFMT-248: Power Engineering - Steam License Review 5
MGT-230: Principles of Management 3
MGT-231: Supervision and Teambuilding 3
MGT-232: Human Resources Management 3
MGT-237: Organizational Behavior 3
MGT-238: Labor-Management Relations 3
MGT-241: Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship 3
MII-290: Clinical Externship 3
MOA-101: Administrative Medical Procedures I 4
MOA-110: Processing Health Insurance Claims 2
MOA-122: Introduction to Medical Assistant Clinical Procedures 2
MOA-152: Medical Assistant Clinical Procedures II 5
MOA-165: Physician Billing Concepts 4
MOA-168: Facility Billing Concepts 4
MOA-170: Medical Correspondence 3
MOA-181: Medical Collection and Legal Issues 3
MOA-190: Medical Office Externship 4
MOA-205: Insurance Coding and Reimbursement 3
MTT-100: Machine Tool Processes I 4
MTT-102: Hand and Power Tools 1
MTT-105: Print Reading for Manufacturing 3
MTT-110: Machine Tool Processes II 4
MTT-120: Practical Problems in Machine Tools I 3
MTT-125: Practical Problems in Machine Tools II 3
MTT-130: Quality Control Gaging and Inspection 3
MTT-140: Introduction to CNC 3
MTT-145: CNC Operations 4
MTT-146: Introduction to Machine Tool Probing 1
MTT-147: Basic Macro Programming for CNC 1
MTT-148: Advanced CNC Probing 1
MTT-150: Statistical Process Control (SPC) In Manufacturing 3
MTT-160: Computer Assisted N/C Programming 3
MTT-170: Advanced Computer Assisted N/C Programming 3
MTT-275: Advanced CNC Operations 4
MTT-297: Special Topics in Machine Tool Technology 1
MTT-298: Special Topics in Machine Tool Technology 2
MUS-107: Chorus 1 1
MUS-108: Chorus 2 1
MUS-109: Symphony Band 1 1
MUS-110: Symphony Band 2 1
MUS-111: Jazz Band 1 1
MUS-112: Jazz Band 2 1
MUS-113: Applied Music (one credit) 1 1
MUS-114: Applied Music (two credits) 1 2
MUS-115: Applied Music (one credit) 2 1
MUS-116: Applied Music (two credits) 2 2
MUS-117: Piano Class 1 2
MUS-118: Piano Class 2 2
MUS-121: Jazz Improvisation 1 2
MUS-122: Jazz Improvisation 2 2
MUS-123: Voice Techniques 1 2
MUS-126: Recording Studio Engineering 1 3
MUS-127: Audio Mastering 1 3
MUS-128: Musical Production 1 3
MUS-130: Music Appreciation 3
MUS-132: Music Literature 3
MUS-133: History of Rock and Roll 3
MUS-134: Music Fundamentals 3
MUS-138: Music Theory 1 3
MUS-139: Music Theory 2 3
MUS-141: Aural Music Skills 1 2
MUS-142: Aural Music Skills 2 2
MUS-143: Vocal Jazz Ensemble 1 1
MUS-144: Vocal Jazz Ensemble 2 1
MUS-152: Music Notation with Finale 1 2
MUS-154: Arab Music Appreciation 3
MUS-157: Applied Music (Live Sound Reinforcement and Recording) 1
MUS-207: Chorus 3 1
MUS-208: Chorus 4 1
MUS-209: Symphony Band 3 1
MUS-210: Symphony Band 4 1
MUS-211: Jazz Band 3 1
MUS-212: Jazz Band 4 1
MUS-213: Applied Music (one credit) 3 1
MUS-214: Applied Music (two credits) 3 2
MUS-215: Applied Music (one credit) 4 1
MUS-216: Applied Music (two credits) 4 2
MUS-221: Jazz Improvisation 3 2
MUS-222: Jazz Improvisation 4 2
MUS-226: Recording Studio Engineering 2 3
MUS-227: Audio Mastering 2 3
MUS-228: Musical Production 2 3
MUS-229: Advanced Studies in Audio Recording 2
MUS-232: History of Western Music 1 3
MUS-233: History of Western Music 2 3
MUS-238: Music Theory 3 3
MUS-243: Vocal Jazz Ensemble 3 1
MUS-244: Vocal Jazz Ensemble 4 1
NCS-110: Competency Evaluated Nurse Assistant 6
NCS-112: Competency Evaluated Nursing Assistant 4
NSG-101: Beginning Health and Physical Assessment 2
NSG-115: Pharmacology for Nursing Practice 1 2
NSG-117: Medical-Surgical Nursing 1 6
NSG-118: Pharmacology for Nursing Practice II 1
NSG-119: Medical-Surgical Nursing II 6
NSG-121: Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing 4
NSG-185: Basic Pathophysiology for Nursing 3
NSG-201: Pharmacology for Nursing Practice III 1
NSG-202: Medical-Surgical Nursing III 6
NSG-206: Pharmacology for Nursing Practice IV 1
NSG-207: Pediatric Nursing 4
NSG-208: Women's Health and Maternity Care 4
NSG-209: Medical-Surgical Nursing IV 6
NSG-210: Healing Practices in Holistic Nursing 3
NSG-212: Professional Transitions 1
NSG-285: Pathophysiology for Nurses 4
NSG-294: Directed Study in Nursing 2
OPT-101: Introduction to Ophthalmic Technology 3
OPT-134: Ocular Anatomy and Pathology 3
OPT-150: Applied Ophthalmic Optics 3
OPT-160: Ocular Measurements I 5
OPT-180: Ocular Measurements II 5
OPT-200: Clinical Optical Procedures 5
OPT-202: Optical Clinical Procedures 4
OPT-220: Ophthalmic Photography 2
OPT-240: Ophthalmic Surgical Assisting 2
OPT-250: Ophthalmic Surgical Assisting and Current Issues 2
OPT-260: Current Issues in Vision Care 1
OPT-290: Clinical Externship I 4
OPT-293: Clinical Externship II 6
OPT-295: Ophthalmic Externship III 3
OPT-297: Clinical Externship III 6
PEFT-108: Portfolio Development 1
PEFT-112: Technical Communication-Power 2
PEFT-143: Power Engineering Boilers 3
PEFT-180: Power Heating Plant Lab 2
PEFT-182: Power Fundamentals Lab 2
PEFT-184: Power Systems Operation and Maintenance Lab 2
PEFT-246: Steam Plant Prime Movers 3
PEFT-247: Combined and Cogeneration Power Plants 3
PEFT-249: Energy System Test and Measurement Analysis 2
PEFT-262: Commercial-Industrial Energy System Assessment-Auditing 3
PEFT-297: Special Topics in Power/Building Engineering, Commercial/Industrial Energy 2
PEFT-298: Special Topics In Power/Building Engineering, Commercial/Industrial Energy 3
PHIL-130: Introduction to Philosophy 3
PHIL-131: Introduction to Logic 3
PHIL-133: History of Philosophy to the 18th Century 3
PHIL-135: History of Modern Philosophy 3
PHIL-137: Topics in Philosophy 3
PHIL-138: Moral Issues in Biotechnology 3
PHIL-139: Ethics 3
PHIL-201: Eastern Philosophy 3
PHT-100: Introduction to Pharmacy Technology 2
PHT-119: Outpatient Pharmacy Externship 2
PHT-124: Pharmacology I for Pharmacy Technicians 3
PHT-125: Pharmacology II for Pharmacy Technicians 3
PHT-132: Basic Pharmacy Software Applications 2
PHT-144: Current Issues in Pre-Pharmacy and PCAT Preparation 2
PHT-150: Pharmaceutical Calculations 3
PHT-165: Issues in Pharmacy 2
PHT-175: Applied Pharmacy Systems 4
PHT-178: Applied Out-Patient Pharmacy Systems 2
PHT-193: Pharmacy Externship 3
PHYS-120: Technical Physics I 4
PHYS-121: Technical Physics II 4
PHYS-131: General Physics I 4
PHYS-132: General Physics II 4
PHYS-133: Principles of Physics 4
PHYS-231: Engineering Physics I 5
PHYS-232: Engineering Physics II 5
PLGL-100: Essential Paralegal Skills 2
PLGL-110: Legal Ethics 2
PLGL-115: Property Law 3
PLGL-126: Legal Research 4
PLGL-190: Co-op in Paralegal Studies 1
PLGL-200: Civil Litigation 4
PLGL-220: Personal Injury Litigation 3
PLGL-226: Legal Writing 4
PLGL-228: Technology in the Law 3
PLGL-235: Contracts 3
PLGL-240: Family Law 3
PLGL-245: Estate Planning and Probate 3
PLGL-248: Immigration Basics 3
PLGL-250: Business Organizations 3
PLGL-290: Co-op in Paralegal Studies 2
PLGL-295: Paralegal Internship 3
PLGL-299: Special Topics in Law 3
PLMB-101: Fundamentals of Plumbing and Pipefitting 3
PLMB-110: Drains, Wastes, and Vents 2
PLMB-115: Water Supply & Distribution Systems 2
PLMB-118: Plumbing, Pipefitting Materials Joining 3
PLMB-120: Steam and Hot Water Systems 2
PLMB-225: Plumbing Design 4
PLMB-240: Plumbing Materials and Components 4
PLMB-250: Plumbing Pipefitting Code 2
PLMB-255: Plumbing Fixture Installation 4
PLMB-275: Practical Plumbing Lab for State License Preparation 4
POLS-101: American Government: Democratic Participation and Civic Engagement 4
POLS-131: Introduction to American Government and Political Science 3
POLS-135: American Legal Systems and Processes 3
POLS-152: International Relations 3
POLS-155: State and Local Government 3
POLS-200: Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies 3
POLS-201: Public Policy: Topics and Analysis 3
POLS-202: Foreign Policy: Topics and Analysis 3
POLS-295: Community Leadership Internship 3
PSCI-131: Introduction to Physical Science 4
PSCI-135: Sound & Light in Fine-Arts 4
PSY-131: Introductory Psychology 3
PSY-152: Child Psychology 3
PSY-161: Human Sexuality 3
PSY-251: Abnormal Psychology 3
PSY-253: Lifespan Development 3
PSY-254: Social Psychology 3
PSY-257: Health Psychology 3
PSY-260: Adolescent Psychology 3
PSY-296: The Exceptional Child 3
PTA-102: Introduction to Physical Therapy Practice 2
PTA-110: Therapeutic Techniques for PTAs I 2
PTA-118: Exercise Techniques I 2
PTA-122: Exercise Techniques Lab 2
PTA-132: Kinesiology for PTAs 3
PTA-144: Physical Therapy Modalities 2
PTA-168: Development Across the Lifespan for PTAs 3
PTA-225: Applied Pathology for PTAs 4
PTA-250: Extremity Orthopedics 4
PTA-254: Spinal Orthopedics 3
PTA-262: Rehabilitation of Neurological Conditions I 2
PTA-265: Rehab of Neurological Conditions Lab 2
PTA-270: Physical Therapist Assistant Seminar 1
PTA-291: Clinical Externship I 2
PTA-295: Clinical Externship II 9
RAD-101: Introduction to Radiography 1
RAD-109: Clinical Education I 3
RAD-111: Principles of Radiation Protection 2
RAD-114: Basic Patient Care in Radiography 3
RAD-118: Radiographic Positioning 3
RAD-158: Radiographic Positioning II 3
RAD-161: Imaging Equipment 1
RAD-171: Principles of Exposure 3
RAD-181: Contrast Studies 1
RAD-190: Clinical Education II 3
RAD-195: Basic Clinical Education 1.5
RAD-209: Intermediate Clinical Education 3
RAD-214: Pathology and Cross Sectional Anatomy 2
RAD-228: Radiographic Procedures 3
RAD-267: Radiation Physics 4
RAD-270: Image Acquisition and Display 3
RAD-274: Principles of Radiation Biology 2
RAD-284: Principles of Computed Tomography 1
RAD-286: Registry Review 2
RAD-290: Advanced Clinical Education 3
RAD-296: Capstone Clinical Education 1.5
REEN-101: Survey of Renewable Energy Sources 2
REEN-110: Geothermal Systems and Water Furnace Technology 2
REEN-120: Wind, Solar, and Fuel Cell Technology 2
REEN-130: Smart Home Control Technology 2
REEN-140: Cogeneration and Backup Power 2
REEN-160: Energy Auditing/Weatherization 3
REEN-161: Energy Auditing/Weatherization Certification Lab 1
REEN-170: Battery Technologies 3
REEN-180: Hydropower 2
RTH-100: Principles of Respiratory Care 3
RTH-130: Therapeutic Procedures I 4
RTH-160: Respiratory Therapy Pharmacology 2
RTH-170: Therapeutic Procedures II 4
RTH-180: RT Clinical Sciences 3
RTH-195: Introduction to Clinical Therapeutics 1.5
RTH-210: Ventilator Management I 4
RTH-220: Respiratory Care in Neonates and Pediatrics 1.5
RTH-240: Cardiopulmonary Diagnostics 1.5
RTH-250: Advanced Mechanical Ventilation 4
RTH-270: Therapeutic Clinical Management 2
RTH-285: Advanced Respiratory Concepts 3
RTH-289: Clinical Therapies II 3
RTH-292: Clinical Practicum 5
RTH-294: Advanced Clinical Practicum 8
SCI-131: Revolutions in Science 3
SCI-160: Science Laboratory Workplace Skills 3
SCI-210: Introduction to Science for Elementary Educators 4
SCI-212: Earth Science for Educators 4
SCI-213: Learning by Inquiry: Life Science 4
SCI-292: Study Abroad in Natural Sciences 1
SCO-190: Co-op in Science 1
SCO-290: Co-op in Science 2
SEW-100: Fundamentals of Industrial Sewing 4
SEW-101: Fundamentals of Industrial Sewing 4
SEW-102: Fundamentals of Industrial Sewing III 4
SEW-103: Fabric Cutting 4
SOC-131: Introduction to Sociology 3
SOC-132: Marriage and the Family 3
SOC-151: Contemporary Social Problems 3
SOC-152: Women, Men, and Society 3
SOC-212: Leadership in Diverse Communities and Organizations 3
SOC-251: Ethnic and Racial Diversity in Society 3
SOC-253: Sociology of Deviance 3
SOC-254: Social Psychology 3
SPC-131: Fundamentals of Speaking 3
SPC-145: Interpersonal Communication 3
SPN-130: Introduction to Hispanic Cultures 3
SPN-131: Elementary Spanish I 4
SPN-132: Elementary Spanish II 4
SPN-141: Elementary Spanish Conversation 3
SPN-231: Intermediate Spanish I 4
SPN-232: Intermediate Spanish II 4
SPN-290: Study Abroad in Spanish Language and Hispanic Culture 3
SRG-101: Introduction to Surgical Technology 4
SRG-120: Surgical Procedures I 4
SRG-140: Surgical Techniques I 2
SRG-150: Surgical Techniques II 2
SRG-152: Advanced Surgical Techniques 1
SRG-160: Surgical Pharmacology 3
SRG-209: Surgical Externship I 5
SRG-220: Surgical Procedures II 4
SRG-240: Issues in Surgical Technology 4
SRG-290: Clinical Externship II 8
SSC-131: Survey of the Social Sciences 3
SSC-235: Topics in Social Science 3
SSCO-190: Co-op in Social Science 1
SSCO-290: Co-op in Social Sciences 2
TADV-060: Basic Skills for the Skilled Trades 4
TADV-100: Basic Print Reading 2
TADV-120: Introduction to Fabrication 1
TADV-122: Introduction to Material Handling 1
TADV-123: Introduction to Industrial Electrical 1
TADV-124: Introduction to Industrial Controls 1
TADV-125: Introduction to Integrated Manufacturing 1
TADV-181: Topics in Skilled Trades 1
TADV-182: Special Topics in Skilled Trades 2
TADV-283: Advanced Topics in Skilled Trades 3
TAEL-103: DC and AC Electricity 4
TAEL-105: AC Theory and Equipment 4
TAEL-106: Electronics Theory 4
TAEL-115: Digital Theory 2
TAEL-145: DC and AC Motors 4
TAEL-150: DC Motors and Controls 2
TAEL-200: Ladder Diagrams and Motor Controls 4
TAEL-205: Industrial Electronic Controls 2
TAEL-235: Siemens PLC/HMI Programming 4
TAEL-245: Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) 4
TAEL-260: Automation Controls and Robotics 4
TAEL-265: National Electrical Code 2
TAEL-270: Industrial and Commercial Wiring 2
TAEL-273: Fire Alarm Systems for Electricians 1
TAEL-275: Residential Wiring 2
TAEL-276: Commercial Wiring 2
TAEL-277: Industrial Wiring 2
TAEL-279: Electrical Codes and Practices 2
TAEL-280: Low Voltage and Communication Wiring 2
TAEL-285: Industrial Truck Controls 2
TAEL-290: High Voltage Power Distribution 2
TAEL-291: Electrical Power Distribution and Transmission 2
TAEL-295: Microprocessors 2
TAFD-117: Industrial Computer Applications 3
TAFD-120: Industrial Safety Awareness 2
TAFD-125: Industrial Safety Awareness with First Aid 3
TAFD-126: Process Industry Health, Environment, and Safety 4
TAFD-130: Industrial Application of Physical Science 3
TAFD-150: Applied Technology 3
TAFD-295: Industrial Maintenance Externship 2
TAFP-150: Introduction to Industrial Hydraulics 4
TAFP-160: Pneumatic Power and Control 4
TAFP-270: Fluid Power Systems: Circuit Design and Troubleshooting 4
TAFP-280: Applied Electrohydraulics 3
TAGD-110: Basic Shape and Size Interpretation 3
TAGD-120: Advanced Graphic Interpretation 3
TAGD-130: Assembly Detailing 2
TAGD-140: Compound Angles and Advanced Projection 3
TAGD-150: Tool, Jig, and Fixture Design 2
TAGD-155: Gage, Cam Layout, and Fixture 2
TAGD-160: Press Working Fundamentals 2
TAGD-165: Cutting and Forming Dies 3
TAGD-171: Descriptive Geometry: Lines and Planes 2
TAGD-172: Descriptive Geometry: Planes, Solids, and Developments 2
TAGD-280: Panel Tipping 2
TAIM-100: Industrial Materials 3
TAMA-110: Industrial Applications of Basic Mathematical Principles 2
TAMA-120: Industrial Applications of Algebraic Principles 3
TAMA-130: Industrial Applications of Geometric Principles 2
TAMA-200: Industrial Applications of Trigonometric Principles 3
TAMJ-110: Welding Fundamentals 3
TAMJ-112: Creative Metals I 3
TAMJ-115: Advanced Welding Techniques 2
TAMJ-116: Creative Metals II 3
TAMJ-120: Welding: Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) and Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) Techniques 2
TAMJ-125: Welding: AWS Pipe Welding 2
TAMJ-145: Welding: Advanced Gas Torch Techniques 2
TAMJ-230: Welding: AWS Pipe and Pressure Vessel Certification 2
TAMJ-235: Welding: GTAW and GMAW Certification 2
TAMJ-240: Welding: Tool and Die Welding 3
TAMN-100: Shop Tools and Techniques 3
TAMN-120: Machine Tool Applications 2
TAMN-130: Advanced Manufacturing Processes 2
TAMN-220: Advanced Computer Numerical Control Techniques 2
TAMT-110: Mechanical Power Transmission 2
TAMT-115: Maintenance Trades Print Reading 3
TAMT-123: Maintenance Print Reading: Structural Steel and Conveyors 2
TAMT-126: Maintenance Print Reading: Plant Layout 2
TAMT-200: Predictive Maintenance - Shaft Alignment and Couplings 2
TAMT-210: Predictive Maintenance-Vibration Analysis 2
TAMT-220: Advanced Rigging 2
TAMT-260: Gearing 2
TAPI-105: Introduction to Industrial and Pneumatic Controls 3
TAPI-120: Instrumentation: Print Reading 2
TAPI-201: Instrumentation: Industrial Practices 4
TAPP-100: Fundamentals of Plumbing and Pipefitting 3
TAPP-110: Drains, Wastes, and Vents 2
TAPP-120: Heating Systems 2
TAPP-250: Plumbing Code 2
TAPT-100: Introduction to Process Technology Practices 3
TAPT-110: Process Technology Equipment 3
TAPT-120: Introduction to Process Instrumentation 3
TAPT-125: Process Technology Instrumentation II 4
TAPT-130: Process Technology Systems 3
TAPT-140: Process Technology Quality 3
TASM-100: Basic Sheet Metal Layout and Fabrication 3
TASM-120: Sheet Metal Layout: Radial and Triangulation 2
TASM-130: Sheet Metal Layout: Applied Triangulation 2
TCM-131: Introduction to Telecommunication 3
TCM-132: Film History and Criticism 3
TCM-151: Digital Audio Editing 1
TCM-157: Digital Video Editing 1
TCM-189: WHFR Staff Training 1
TCM-235: Topics in Film Study 3
TCM-241: Media Writing 3
TCM-243: Media Performance 3
TCM-251: Audio Production 3
TCM-257: Video Production I 3
TCM-258: Film/Video Production II 3
TCM-261: Broadcast Journalism 3
TCM-281: Capstone 1
TCM-294: Telecommunication Internship 3
TCM-295: Directed Study 3
TECH-101: Introduction to Industrial Technology 2
TECH-110: Exploration of Machine Tool Technology 1
TECH-115: Exploration of CAD/Drafting 1
TECH-120: Exploration of Energy Technology: HVAC and Renewable Energy 1
TECH-125: Exploration of Architecture and Construction 1
TECH-140: Exploration of Automotive Technology 1
TECH-145: Exploration of Pneumatics 1
TECH-150: Exploration of Welding 1
TECH-155: Exploration of Mechanical Transmissions 1
THEA-131: Theatre Appreciation 3
THEA-132: Acting I 3
THEA-133: Technical Theatre 3
THEA-134: Technical Theatre Specialties: Rotating Skills 3
THEA-135: Introduction to Stage Makeup 3
THEA-138: Stage Costuming 3
THEA-140: One-Act Play Production 3
THEA-142: Theatrical Production 3
THEA-144: Improvisation for the Actor 3
THEA-145: Stage Combat 3
THEA-149: Children's Theatre Production 3
THEA-150: Stagecraft 3
THEA-1901: Theatre Experience I 1
THEA-1902: Theatre Experience II 1
THEA-1903: Theatre Experience III 1
THEA-1904: Theatre Experience IV 1
THEA-1905: Theater Experience V 1
THEA-1906: Theatre Experience VI 1
THEA-232: Acting II 3
THEA-235: Topics in Theatre 3
THEA-238: Theatre History 3
THEA-242: Advanced Theatrical Production 3
THEA-255: Lighting 3
THEA-256: Directing 3
THEA-257: Movement for the Actor 3
THEA-259: Experimental Theatre Production 3
THEA-260: Acting III 3
THEA-270: Advanced Experimental Theatre Production 3
THEA-271: Advanced One-Act Play Production 3
THEA-272: Improvisation II 3
THEA-273: Voice for the Actor 3
THEA-281: Theatre Capstone 1
THEA-2901: Directed Study 3
WR-130: Introduction to the Academic Study of Religion 3
WR-131: Religious Traditions in the World 3
WR-232: Western Religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam 3
WR-233: Eastern Religions 3
WR-234: Judaism 3
WR-235: Christianity - The First 1000 Years 3
WR-236: African American Religious Experience and Expression 3
WR-237: Buddhism 3
WR-238: Hinduism 3
WR-239: Introduction to Daoism 3
WR-240: Myths and Symbols: Deciphering the Messages of Sacred Traditions 3
WR-241: Islam 3
WR-242: Native American Religious Traditions 3
WR-280: Topics in Religious Studies 3